Sunday , December 5 2021

The new version of Chrome promises significant improvements in performance and energy savings



Google has released a new version of Chrome before the end of this year to make it work faster and more efficiently.

87. Chrome version introduces several new features that have only been available in beta in recent months. Pages opened in the background in Chrome will refresh less often, saving system resources.

According to Google, Reduces CPU usage by 5 times and the duration of each charge is extended by 1.25 hours. The developers achieved at least similar results when testing new features on the MacBook Air 2020 laptop with the Intel Core i3 processor.

Photo: Google

Chrome 87 can use less RAM run 25 percent faster a page load speed increased by 7 percent. All without having to sacrifice some basic functions to improve speed on Google, e.g. play music or send notifications.

Google says the browser update represents “the biggest increase in Chrome’s performance in recent years.” Active resource management allows users to keep hundreds of tabs open so they can continue to browse where they left off.

The browser update will be gradually available for all major platforms in the coming weeks.

Chrome for Apple M1 processors

Of course, Google has noticed that Apple has introduced new computers with its own ARM M1 processor, with manufacturers highlighting its huge performance. Google has prepared a new version of Chrome, which is directly optimized for Apple M1 devices.

One of the users he noticedGoogle offers Chrome for download in two versions – Intel-based Mac and M1-based Mac.

Intel’s Chrome will continue to work on computers with the M1 chipset. However, an optimized version of the browser can run faster and more efficiently.

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