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The universe is very beautiful, it realizes its small dimension


… and you can start watching. Svetlorar Štefeček before the Observatory.

Photo: Archive Svetozár Štefeček

Astronomy Surica is a great tradition around Senica. In the late 1970s Ladislav Košinár, a local school director, deserved his development. That's why it's a Slovak scholarly curiosity, a 46-year-old watchdog. Until today, former student Svetozár Štefeček Ladislav Košinár has not worked. Once his teacher worked with the young astronomers, he took the scepter. The astronomy circle has existed for more than 28 years, for children with a wide range of children. It's a period of time that lasts from the fifth Friday. His most successful student, Janka Švrčková, recently won the prestigious Olympic Chinese Olympic Games.

Astronomy is a beautiful sound, but, indeed, it's calculations and tables, or not?

Yes, it belongs to that.

How do you motivate your children to make tables and calculations?

Well, it must be early observation. The children are very different from the sky and look at meteors or planet: Jupiter, Saturn or months … What is happening in the universe around us, and then they will know how to get more, why, and so on. Well, it's added to others.

Today, many parents struggle with their children's comfort, especially because they are interested in technology and commerce, and they can easily find something that can be found on the Internet, but most of them are not systematic and deeper. There are other neighbors?

Children have much better options now than now. Thanks to this technique. Until being learned, for example, about a comet about 30 years ago, it was flying and it was visible only two weeks ago. Currently, this information may be sought by children, if you wish, search, and then watch live comet. They can change interest and curiosity.

Are your children interested?

Yes Those who come to us try. Now Janka Švrčková has achieved great success in international olympics, even more. Their motivation is great. They see an icon. And parents, too, from Janker, see if their children have tried, they can go away, see the world. They're trying to drive.

Svetozar Štefeč won the most successful student Janka Švrčková at the International Olympic Games.

Photo: Archive Svetozár Štefeček

Chodieva Janka still rings?

Now, when he began to learn in Prague, he has less time, but he helped me earlier. Even today, whenever possible.

Is this your most successful student?

Yes It was an excellent diversion and it was very durable. He had immense interest. Conversely, after the initial fault there are differences in some instances, on the contrary, they started and moved. He wanted to know more.

What do you want next?

General physics Charles studied at the University of Prague. The first two years are common, and then they can be specialized. They will still see it.

How did you get to astronomy and later what do you do?

Through my teacher Ladislav Košinarra. Thanks to that, we have a viewpoint and brought astronomy. I helped him in the astronaut circus. I started chemistry and physics originally, I wanted to do something else, but I worked with children, so I ended up here. In 1987 I started an astronomical ring. Mr Košinár has been a retiree for us and for astronomy. Almost to art. He died two years ago and began the following year at the age of 90. The ring was already ringing on Friday on the fifth. So we have today, fifth on Friday.

How do you get astronomy?

Most likely, it realizes a small dimension within the giant universe. Aside from the space, the time dimension, the duration of our life is astonishing. Well, this science has its aesthetic value: whether all cosmic structures, whether they are planets, comets, stars or nebulas and galaxies, are very beautiful and photogenic.

How many brothers are included?

We have about 20 children for senior educators. They will come with us from a wide range, from Senice, but also Gbelov, Radošoviec, Podbranča …

The Sobotista school can also be considered a different observatory.

Photo: Archive Svetozár Štefeček

What are the options to develop this hobby later? Astronomy development in our country is not that great. We are not a rich space program, scientists are miserably paying … Astronomy is enough on the edge …

Well, my students are not astronomical professionals. The truth is that the options are limited here – SAS Astronomy Institute, Hvězdáreň Hurbanov, Tatras. A student has learned astronomy but does not like it. In computer applications. But most of the astronomy games students stayed, dedicated to their children, good.

Expect future astronomers.

Photo: Archive Svetozár Štefeček

What do you use on rings? Are you exploring again the things you already know?

We need a different budget for new projects. So yes, we're checking that someone has seen. But it does not hurt. On the other hand, it is beneficial for children to learn to work on these issues, get procedures. And then, when they get a job they can adapt to a better technique.

How are you making money? Do the operations of the Observatory seem to be costless, even if they are keeping binoculars or not?

Yes, binoculars need the service. They are mirrored so they need to tighten the metal layers to recover reflective surfaces. Besides, besides the ring, we also created the civil astronomers' association, so we get a two-tier tax, one member, some subsidies, sponsors … We are now in the process.

How did astronomy begin to change its styles from the beginning?

There's so much more. We know so much While we know a limited number of planet or moon during our time, today there are exoplanets and other new bodies, wave-gravitations and unknown cosmic structures to date. These findings can almost be real-time.

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