Tuesday , January 26 2021

Want to bite into an ice cube or clay? THIS is what the body wants to express to you

Experts explain that long-term iron deficiency begins to produce fewer red blood cells in the body, so it leads to iron deficiency anemia. Every year more than 26,000 Slovaks seek the help of a doctor with this diagnosis. According to statistics from the National Health Information Center, 145 people died last year from iron deficiency anemia.

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The campaign states that one in three people in the world has an iron deficiency. It’s not just pale skin and fatigue. According to experts, these symptoms include, for example, cold intolerance, restless legs syndrome, compulsive ice bites, unusual things not to eat, such as clay or fatigue.

You feel like biting

Iron deficiency can occur in patients with easily bruised or often canker sores in the mouth. Hair loss, pallor, and brittle nails can also indicate that the body needs an iron supply.

Iron is also needed to maintain a healthy immune system to fight infections.

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