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Why is Earth not the world's ocean? Everything supernova has changed

Paradoxically, less water was a great happiness in the Earth's potential life.

At first glance it is not like this, but it is very scarce from the cosmic point of view of our planet.

An international news-driven Swiss scientist has found that it is the culprit of a great star, a supernova, that introduces radioactive elements into the cosmos.

The evolution of the solar system organs at the beginning, so much heat released the vast majority of the worlds that were emerging, simply evaporating.

Scientific research published by Nature Astronomy.

Is the soil very dry?

The land was considered to be sensible, and there was water found. But cosmos exploration also settles other bodies of the solar system.

Some, like Titan and Europe, have larger oceans than the Earth.

The Exoplanet study has also shown that many rocky planets seem to make the ocean world much richer in water.

Nearby planets similar to TRAPPIST-1 have similar 250 times more water.

"There was no light that the solar system indicates a statistical deviation or its composition, because it can be explained by the general formation processes of the planet," I wrote.

Strength connects - this is also the vision of life planets.

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Earth's life has allowed the absorption of a foreign planet

The cause is a great explosion

To find out, scientists from Zurich Technology School top scientists have the origins, development, and structure of the planetary computer models.

They simulate gradual formation of planetary planes – ten kilometers of rock and ice clusters. There may be a different composition of different impacts that may affect the surrounding area.

Poor water caused the enrichment of aluminum 26. This isotope is quickly disintegrated (half disappearance after 70,000 years), creating an additional amount of heat.

"This radionuclide provides fast water loss to planetsimals before it can connect to larger protoplanets," I write to scientists.

Its origin may be an explosion of massive stars or supernovae. When this explosion occurred, the disappeared star penetrated most of the masses into the environment.

By chance, new research has suggested that the supernova launches the solar system.

Two types of planetary systems

"Our simulations show that there are two types of planetary systems," says senior researcher Tim Lichtenberg.

"And they are similar to the solar system, with a bit of water," continues the scientist, "as well as the world of the ocean, because it has not been the main star of the system's early formation system."

"It's horrible to know that the presence of radioactive elements will lead to slight water leakage. We can now explain that planetary systems have similar characteristics," says Michael Meyer.

Coral Tide New Caledonia to the west of the Pacific Ocean.

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The world's oceans warmed up faster than they were

When water is not burnt

The researchers add that the lack of water was a great joy in the life of the Earth. If the planet has much more water than the Earth, there is a risk of covering hundreds of thousands deep in deep ocean ice.

This impenetrable shell prevents an important geochemical process. On the other hand, the ocean is an isolation of the places where life is developing (lower hotbeds). Suspends the carbon cycle that keeps the Earth's mild climate.

In other words, water is not only for life, but too much, it leads to a desolate and habitable world.

Did Jupiter help?

Researchers believe that the heat of decay of radioactive elements is not sufficient enough to eliminate sufficient water from future planetary ones. The solar system of the solar system is softer than a "dry" pair of models.

"The attitude of Jupiter has been a fundamental task, thanks to the provision of internal systems of the solar system of the ice system," said Michael Meyer.

This question gets more research.

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