Wednesday , January 27 2021

10 new infections at Na Fari Zaharren Etxea, Prevalje very high in terms of population in terms of number of infections

Tonight we received results from residents who took a SARS-CoV-2 swab. Out of ten (10) residents, the test had a positive result and because of this, these neighbors go to the so-called “red zone” at home. The rest of the neighbors stay in their room, in their rooms, and yesterday the whole department that took the swabs is the “gray zone” in the house. ” reported today from the Na Fari Elderly Home.

For a long time, we managed to keep this department as a “white zone,” but the virus also found its way through a person who is completely symptomatic. Just a social worker at home too Marjeta Štrekelj informs the relatives of our neighbors of the results of yesterday’s swab tests. He will contact all the relatives of the residents who were taken to the Maribor laboratory yesterday and will also inform them of the results (positive and negative).“The home manager explained in a press release Stanka Vauh.

We wrote yesterday that one (1) neighbor was hospitalized at home, today we are correcting the information, as two (2) residents were hospitalized yesterday (one (1) with a negative test, one with a positive infection test). We sincerely hope that all hospitalized residents will return home soon. “ he added.

“The prevalence of infections in the local area or in Carinthia is also reflected in the increase in infections of our staff along with cat fish operations services. The reception, technical maintenance service and operation of the kitchen have been reduced. The first week of the adventure will be especially stressful for the domestic staff, but we will last. Then we know things will start to calm down. I wish all my relatives, neighbors and colleagues hope, peace and love and joy during these weeks.”Concluded director Stanka Vauh.

It should also be noted that most of the new infections were confirmed in Maribor on Saturday, that is, 117. Currently 1110 are actively infected in this municipality, and the percentage of the infected population in the municipality is less than one percent. Of all the municipalities, the highest share of those infected remains in the municipality of Križevci (2,708 percent), followed by the municipality of Poljčane (2,489) and In Prevalje (2,452), 17 new infections were confirmed on Saturday.

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Source: STA, Na Fari Zaharren headquarters website

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