Monday , November 29 2021

# A new way to get rid of alcohol faster from the body


By breathing very fast, we remove more alcohol from the body and relieve the symptoms of drunkenness. The problem, however, is that you can become dizzy with that breathing. A new discovery by Canadian scientists has solved this dilemma.

Have you ever noticed how fast you can get drunk and it’s always too slow? The reason is that 90 or more percent of the alcohol is purified from our body and expelled from the liver, which works at a rate that cannot be accelerated. All other measures to reduce the concentration of alcohol (ethyl) in the blood are strict and are used only when the life of the alcoholic is at risk.

Last week, scientists at the University of Toronto Health Network published the results of a study. They tried a new, but above all very simple, way to get rid of alcohol from the blood or body: by breathing.

One hypothesis is that faster, deeper breathing can expel more alcohol from the body through the air we breathe, thus speeding up sobriety. And it’s true: with hyperventilation – faster and deeper breathing – alcohol is removed from the body at least three times faster than if we left that work alone for the liver, they found.

The head of the Canadian team of scientists dr.  Joseph Fisher

The head of the Canadian team of scientists dr. Joseph Fisher
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There is a problem with this. “People can’t hold their breath by breathing faster and deeper because after a minute or two they will become dizzy,” said the head of the researchers, Dr. Joseph Fisher. During hyperventilation, alcohol emits more carbon dioxide from the blood.When we have a lower concentration in the blood of this gas, we feel dizzy, bite or dizzy in the hands and feet and may become dizzy in extreme cases.

Researchers in Canada have developed a solution – a device that allows an alcoholic to breathe alcohol through hyperventilation while returning carbon dioxide to his or her body. It is a simple piece of equipment, no bigger than a suitcase, with a carbon dioxide cylinder, a valve system and a mask.

alcohol and respiration

Photo: Cover images

“It’s really quite simple, it’s just a high-tech device that can be made anywhere in the world. We didn’t need electronics, computers or filters to do that,” said Drs. Fisher, “It’s really hard to believe that we didn’t remember that before.”

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