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Are new scandals scandals?

Today's police may have a wider impact on the Seefelden World Ski Championship, linked to anti-doping violations. The Austrian prosecutor is examining the possibility of linking the doping scandal with other sports sectors.



Scandal in Verfelden SP: nine people arrested; Slovenia is not like that

In Austria and Germany nine people have been arrested today. Five athletes from Australia, Kazakhstan and Estonia analyzed the first information. Among the athletes, including Austrian ski runners, it was also supposed to arrest a German national team and a colleague from his colleague. During the press conference in the Innsbruck Criminal Investigation Office, some details were revealed in the evening.

An arrested detainee was found to have literally captured Austrians yesterday that they had discovered that he had a blood transfusion bucket, said Dieter Csefan, a Federal Criminal Law representative. For now, the names of the participants in the investigation have not been reported, but both athletes and two Estonians and Kazakhstas have confirmed the evening of the athletes. In collaboration with the German law enforcement authorities, Erfurt was arrested as the presumed leader of this case of doping, Austria introduced a German 40-year-old health worker and his assistant, and two other assistants were also Austria.

The next 48 hours will be decided

The Austrian police will decide whether or not to keep track of the investigation within 48 hours, explained Hansjörg Mayr, Representative of the Ministry of Finance. Famous assistants created a criminal institution. The detained threatens are not criminal entities, but they only use forbidden funds. Only in the Seefelden championship, the law enforcement agencies confirmed that the alleged criminal organizations operate in sport, they explained at today's press conference.

In front of the hotel that is located in Seefelden, detainees are currently detained in a large doping affair.

In front of the hotel that is located in Seefelden, detainees are currently detained in a large doping affair.
Photo: Reuters

The prosecutor's office and the Criminal Police Code are not excluded from disclosure to other sports. "Other sports are reliably involved," said Csefan. After that, he explained that criminal matters in that field had been operating for five years throughout the world.

Right now, there is no evidence that anyone in the Slovenian Federation could be healthy

Even though the official names of the athletes are not known, the Austrians have confirmed Max Hauke ​​and Dominik Baldauf, Sunday's sprint, the sixth. The other three are probably the Kazakhstan's Alexei Poltoranin and Estonka Karel Tammjarv and Andreas Veerpal, despite not having participated in 15 kilometers of races, although they were in the starting line-up.

"There is nothing less to try to achieve good results with the help of illegal funds. I'm angry, because some do not find anything similar to the past. Now there is no evidence that anybody is involved in our unit. After all, we can not fire each one individually. It takes care of ourselves. Anyone who uses doping can not be a member of ÖSV, "said Peter Schröcksnadel, Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV).

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