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Beovićeva and Rozman: Such results would be needed to release the measures

“When the number of patients is less than a thousand, we would try to open schools and, to some extent, the economy,” said the director of the Golnik Clinic. Beović added that one-day results, such as those on Friday, which indicated a possible improvement with a lower share of positive tests, mean nothing.

According to published data, the number of positive tests in Slovenia on Saturday was 30.3%, which is much higher than on Friday, when it was 22.9%.




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Although the share of positive tests on Friday was the lowest in the last 14 days, and the good news about the calming situation was also published by the Jožef Stefan Institute, Saturday’s data disappointed us again. Epidemiologists have stressed that Saturday’s share of positive sugars is not unexpected, as the data for the weekend is accurate.

“It’s hard to say what we’re doing wrong, but probably a lot of the measures won’t stick, the number of contaminants is just a reflection of that.” The director of the Golnik Clinic has commented on Dnevnik TV Slovenija for the worst data on those infected in Slovenia. Aleš Rozman.

Aleš Rozman Author: Anže Malovrh / STA

Anže Malovrh / STA

According to the expert, we need to assess the numbers of the epidemic over a longer period of time, and he confirmed that measures should be taken on the number of patients in hospitals that are not currently in reserve.

On Saturday, for example, 20 more fellow patients needed treatment than on Friday, for a total of 1,278.

“When the number is lower, we will have room in hospitals for 19 potential covid patients and even some safety nets if the curve reappears. Somehow we think when the number of patients is less than a thousand, we would try to open schools as well as a certain part of the economy. do an experiment because there are no more reservations. “ Rozman added.

“The results show that we have reached a plateau in Slovenia with all the measures, but the situation is still not improving,” he said. on Saturday epidemiological data comments on STA head of the covid-19 advisory group of the Ministry of Health Bojana Beovic.

“On the one hand, this means that if we release the measures, we will have 40% of the beds in Slovenian hospitals occupied by obvious patients in 14 days, not to mention the number of dead. And if we introduce more serious measures, the question is what kind they are. because people find it difficult to understand and respect the measures. That is very evident in the results we have. ” said the infectologist.

Friday’s results mean nothing

Bojana Beovic Author: Daniel Novakovič / STA

Daniel Novakovic / STA

Otherwise, the results of a day, such as Friday, which also indicated a possible improvement with a smaller proportion of positive tests, mean nothing. “Trends need to be considered and the epidemic viewed from different angles. Not only the number and proportion of those infected, there are also the number of those in need of hospitals. There are others, but that number is not surprising because there are fewer releases over the weekend.” the expert added, but assessed that Saturday’s data said nothing good when it comes to thinking about the release of the measures.

According to Beović, in society we need to agree on what is important to us. “It’s a social decision that the medical profession doesn’t have a lot of,added Beović, recalling the known mechanisms of transmission of infections and why covid-19 is a dangerous disease. The infectologist believes that people can do everything they can to make “the most appropriate Christmas and New Year holidays possible” for each person. is, according to Beović, whether it will result in the absence of infection.

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