Friday , November 27 2020

Bosnian actor Mustafa Nadarevic has died

Mustafa Nadarevic, a well-known Bosnian actor, has died after a hard fight against lung cancer. He was 77 years old. A few days ago, he was discharged from a hospital in Zagreb.

Mustafa Nadarevic in the filmPHOTO: Profimedia

The legendary Bosnian actor Mustafa Nadarević has died at the age of 78. Earlier this year, he reported to the media that he had lung cancer. He confirmed his sad conscience Perica Martinovic, President HDDU (Croatian Society of Dramatic Artists, op. Cit.):“I received confirmation from his family that he was dead. He was wrong. He fought the disease for a long time. We still don’t know when the funeral will be. We have to see with the family how to proceed.”

It’s also sad news for the portal 24Sata certificates Nothing Nadarevic, the actress’ daughter. Between tears he said he did not want to comment on his father’s death and was asking for understanding. The giant actor was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year. A few days ago, he was discharged from the hospital and told the portal that he was not going anywhere because he was afraid of a new coronavirus.

Mustafa Nadarevic in the film When Day BreaksPHOTO: Profimedia

Mustafa was born in 1943 in Banja Luke. He lived and worked throughout the former Commonwealth and was one of the most popular players in the former Yugoslavia. He spent most of his life in Zagreb. He began his theatrical career at the Zagreb Youth Theater, and in 1969 became a member of the Drama of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb. He showed great talent in his first roles in household chores, and his film career began in the 1980s. In the film he demonstrated in collaboration with director Emir Kusturica Dad on a business trip. He also starred in films Sightseeing, Glembays, Kuduz, Deaf Gunpowder, Sarajevo Holidays, Sleeping Rifle, Smoking Door and many others. We could also see Mustafa in the film No one’s land Danis Tanovic, Which won the 2002 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Mustafa is known for his roleIzet Fazlinovic in series Crazy, confused, normal. The series was filmed until the moment his illness thwarted his plans. They hoped the whole team that was creating the series would continue to hope, but unfortunately that won’t happen. Director Elmir Jukić he said he would not continue the series without Mustafa. “We never think of shooting the Crazy, Confused, Normal series without Mustafa Nadarević. We never thought about it and we never will,” he said. the series ’screenwriter told the Bosnian portal Avaz in the fall Fedja Isovic.

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