Saturday , June 19 2021

Chinese scientists created a genetically modified baby

He Jiankui University professor of science has announced that he has created the first genetically modified baby. With Crispr technology, two girls changed their DNA so they could not infect HIV virus, he said. His claims are not confirmed by independent, but many scientists are critical, according to foreign press agencies.

The girls named Lulu and Nana were born with normal strangular fertilization. However, they used an egg that had changed before entering the uterus. "After sending a sperm to her husband's egg, the embryo sends a protein called Cas9 and gave instructions for the operation of genes designed in the future for the liver infections," YouTube video on Sunday said.

The functioning of the Crispr system consists of a small fraction of the RNA and Cas9 proteins, which DNA cuts in a site targeted by a short RNA chain. Thus, Crisp makes intelligent glands that lead to a particular genome, and at the same time cut into many places. Thus, using this method, the scientists solve and / or replace the genes of all organisms.

The identity of parents and children was not disclosed, but a Shenzhen scientist said he wanted his dad to avoid the hive, and his childhood suffering from discrimination.

Scientific researchers have not yet been confirmed by scientists. In particular, they will be presented at an international congress of international experts, starting Tuesday in Hong Kong.

According to MIT Technology Review, Hayen published an article on the discovery that "technology is said to be ethically controversial, because the fetuses may be inherited from the future generations and may have a whole gene pool."

Massachusetts Professor at the University of Massachusetts Massachusetts at Lowell University, Nicholas Evans, said "YouTube is predicting a test for scientific practice." "He is moving away from the verification procedures that are based on a lot of scientific progress, checking between colleagues," he added.

"We have talked about the genetic engineering of embryos some time ago," he added. "It is more revolutionary that the two children of children have been resistant to the disease," he stressed.

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