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Dallas will visit Houston, among others, Luke Doncic

On Wednesday night, ten NBA basketball leagues will be played. Slovene is the most interesting calculator for basketball lovers Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks. According to the latest information, Luka Dončić will also be played.

Luka Doncic has long challenged a rocket race, but it seems to be a 19-year-old basketball player. Doncice watched before the match.

Tellys is playing well during the last few seasons, as it was the only failure in the last seven games. In the end, they played against Boston Celtics and won 113: 104. How to fight rockets, where James Harden glorifies this season. This year it has a 31.5 point average. In Dallas, our basketball player has the highest average, 19.1 points per game.

Dallas qualifies better in the rankings, taking the tenth place at the Western Conference, since Houston Rockets is only 13th.

Luka Dončić


Is Will Luka Dončić going to the trouble?

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