Monday , November 29 2021

Did Mahniče break it? He wanted European women, but he got … (PHOTO)


On the eve of International Tolerance Day, he is Secretary of State for National Security Jean Mahnic (SDS) shared the slightest tweet without racial impatience, featuring photos of four white women with different hair colors (no black hair among them). “This is all the diversity we need in Europe,” he wrote.

Žan Mahnič is sure that it is all the diversity we need in Europe. PHOTO: Twitter, screenshot

He doesn’t back down from his offensive tweet and is on the sidelines Slovenian news he reiterated: “Europe is made up of many nations, representing the diversity we are proud of. However, only those who see diversity by importing illegal migrants have a big problem called racism.”

The opposition asked Mahniči to resign because of his machismo. President of SD Tanja Fajon he wrote. “The Secretary of State’s racism, sexism and machismo in the prime minister’s office. Because it will not be the first and last time: we expect his resignation. “

Mahnič did not pay attention to these cases and replied again: “Dear Tanja Fajon, don’t be angry with me and don’t be in a bad mood if you are not in the photo. Contact your profile with an instant message. “

While Mahnič was “proud” of how beautiful European women are, a photo of four girls also shows an American actor Evan Rachel Wood (Red). A few years ago, she publicly revealed that she was bisexual and active in the LGBT community (a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people).

During the pandemic, the President of the Republic stressed the importance of tolerance in his message on the occasion of the International Day for Tolerance. Borut Pahor. “If we all show mutual understanding, respect and trust as much as we can, we will overcome the malicious virus more easily and quickly,” Pahor stressed the paramount importance of tolerance.

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