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Due to fatigue and fever, they visited the doctor and infected with HIV


Sebastjan SitarThe importance of HIV is shown to be infected. He understands himself as one of himself and others. Consciousness is also important. "We get more information, fear is less" He is convincing and, as an example, the least known is that a person treated can not suffer from viruses.

Sebastjan Sitar, for example, was diagnosed in the online environment for about two years. He performed regular HIV testing and the autumn poll was a negative one. After a great deal of time and exhaustion, he visited a personal physician, who had found high hepatic parameters, and sent him to infectious and febrile clinical conditions.

In HIV infection and C hepatitis were also tested, both positive. If there had not been an infection at the time, it would have to be tested in the next two months, following the recommended test schedule. With men in the Legebit company, who try three months, they are advised to men of same sex. As he said, he regularly tested "always on the head". "There's nothing left to do for the test. To be calm, I understand myself and others".he said.

The diagnosis surprised him. "I did not expect. Probably no one" he remembers Symptoms were not associated with infection at the time."Then you must go through several stages. First of all, accept and say that it is not the end of the world." he said. It is true that the reason is that it always tries to find a positive side. He is working as a consultant at the Legebit company, and he also approaches interviews, it is enough to speak as a person with the issue. "It's time to give voice" Sure.

Sexuality – a taboo theme, even when talking with doctors

It started on the diagnosis day and, since then, at the same time, two tablets are antibiotics at the same time."It's a habit, but I'm still an alarm at this rhythm of life, when you're on the go, you can quickly forget it" he said.

At the beginning of the medication, it underwent side effects, such as nausea and fatigue. In mid-year studies, the clinical infections analyze the condition of blood and kidney and liver. "If there were no deviation, therapy would change" he said.

"I have a very good relationship with a personal doctor and an infectious agent, and we also have infectious agents, and if I ever need something, I always contacted" The experience with the health system is described by Sebastjan Sitar. The dental surgeon needed the surgery as a final line. "It's still part of the stigma, but it's better not to take the last line of obsolete protocols instead of excluding an unjustified reason" he was optimistic

Sexuality is still a taboo subject in conversation with the doctor. "This is a missed opportunity. If you go to the doctor, you may suspect and take appropriate measures in the event of symptoms." he emphasized.

Discover the diagnosis of mother and child, but also in the community."I do not hide my situation. If someone asks you, I'll tell" he said. He thinks, in principle, how the transmission of the disease is known and there is no awareness that the HIV-treated person can no longer suffer. "Believing in science is necessary, but not harming our" he pointed out.

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