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Due to measles, the UKC Ljubljana was hospitalized

The UKC reported that good and adequate care at the out-patient clinic at the Ljubljana Health Center (ZD), this time, were much less susceptible to risks and did not mix with infectious diseases with other doctors.

The Epidemiology Services reported about 70 people, about 15 healthcare workers and around 55 patients when contacted by the patient's infectious disease, Dražen Stojanović told NIJZ. Prevention measures were carefully informed and proposed. Half of the population is roughly protected against hawthorn; Others, on the other hand, do not know about the vaccine or the Elgorria.

The disease incubation period is seven or 14 days; So it's been known for two weeks if there were infections, Stojanovic said.

The measles is transmitted through air through the infections of the infected person's nose and throat infections, such as stinging and cough. The measles has been infected during the four days of the patient and has appeared in four days. The signs of illness will appear from 5 to 21 after the virus. The measles virus is very contagious and stays in the air for two hours after being in the room.

The first signs of measles are fever, malignancy, swelling of eye contact, cough, and then a reddish skin begins. "This person is very commonly damaged because measles is a serious illness", recently described the pathway of the disease to Marta Grgič Vitek with NIJZ. In the first signs, the patient should call the selected doctor and describe the symptoms, although he knows that he has contacted the infected person. Without rarity, the patient never goes to a health center to stop them from losing any infection.

It is advisable to check out the vaccine for all those who go to public holidays, including measles vaccine for two doses. Stojanović stressed that the most effective vaccine protection vaccine is vaccine.

The patient was trying to ask for help instead of the day, and should visit the ZD Ljubljana oncology clinic, which is to say, although UKC is continuing to work in Ljubljana, they mentioned in the UK.

In general medical emergencies, when ZD Ljubljana, UKC Ljubljana works, the measles was treated in two patients last week. According to the NIJZ, about 200 people in the atoxium were contacted, which could be contaminated. They also reported information on measles and infection infections.

According to the NIJZ information, this infection was brought abroad, allegedly by Germany and Russia. In the first year, they recorded an example of Elgorrira in our country. Last year, there were nine cases in Slovenia and eight years earlier.

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