Friday , June 18 2021

Elon Musk wants to take her to Mars

SpaceX Creator (and many other companies) Elon Musk He mentioned again to Mars. In light of all the statements made by Musk in recent years, it was not clear. Axios documentary video interview on the HBO channel, he explained The need to go to Mars in the 70s.

He also revealed that he made the latest advances to make the space travel significantly easier. As he said in the past, his journey will be one-way, because he wants to take him to life forever.

Muskes wants Marsi to move permanently.

Ask whether to ask in March the exclusive location to move around the world elite, he said with "no". The probability of the death of Mars is much higher than the Earth's probability. The first inhabitants of the planet should constantly work on creating the first "base", so normal life or relaxation would not take much time.

Although the first "base" of the people that lived, the living conditions would be difficult. The probability of death would therefore remain high. In SpaceX they think people come from Mars, but they are not sure. According to this description, Mars does not seem to be the destination of the richest people who want to enjoy luxury life.

You are really wondering why anyone would want to go to Mars. The question asked by Elon Muska in the interview asked him that he had left without a doubt, and that it was similar to the summit. Dangerous, but people do it.

In 2022, the rocket began with two cargo shipments from Mars.

There are wonderful reasons for its optimism. The Starship of SpaceX (formerly known as the BFR), Musk has a great deal of hope. In 2022, a rocket gave two cargo loads as Marsi's first source of electricity and food. By 2024, the planet should be ready for its first inhabitants.

Otherwise, plans in Moscow do not always follow the plans, but we still think that colonization of Marsen is a matter of time.

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