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Facebook uses too much trust in Apple and adolescents and is $ 20 in spy for @ Slo-Tech

TechCrunch – Facebook has introduced a new scandal of personal data, TechCruch has found illegal young users to pay for the spy application to install the Facebook Research application with iOS and Android for 20 months. As Apple learned that Apple was using the company's developer certification, Microsoft disrupted its certificates and disable Facebook Research. Still in Android yet.

The story began in 2014, Facebook bought Onavo $ 120 million. This VPN (Virtual Private Network) application minimized the number of users monitored and downloaded. Facebook, the owner of this application, received information about Internet user habits. For example, Facebook has learned from WhatsApp people who use WhatsApp and then bought $ 19 million. Since then, WhatsApp has tripled the number of users, so the decision has actually been paid to Facebook.

Over time, Onawak has become a very useful source of information. This has sent Facebook what to do to copy, what functionality to perform, etc. This year, the Onawa application has been confusing when the information is released, that users are actually spying on it. Apple changed the terms of use of applications in June, and in August it requested the removal of the request.

But Facebook did not give up. Onava disappeared, and Facebook Research did the same, and it was mostly the same code. Since Facebook has been distributed by Facebook Research since 2016. BetaBound, uTest and Applause platforms were also called the Atlas Project. But Facebook did not use the TestFlight platform, Apple's official beta testing platform. Instead of advertising on Instagram and Snapchat, young people between 13 and 17 sought to participate in paid social media analysis. It offered 20 dollars per month to install the app (using cards e-gift), as well as for all the common friends (mention). In the small print, he said that all the information was collected (message content, navigation history). After the installation, users can install the appropriate developer certificates and access Facebook Relay through reliable access. It is contrary to the rules, Apple explicitly gives companies only internal tests for their employees.

He uses the same record as Facebook Research Onava. All traffic (only VPN) is directed to, also called Onava. The application is automatically updated without user interaction, and uses June 27, 2018 certificates, Apple has already said that Onava's use is prohibited. Facebook did not make any mistake to continue using Facebook in the same way. Facebook says that different projects are, but people are working for themselves. The tests also show that the applications are almost identical, because they use the same terms and tags.

Facebook recommends quitting complaints, like other companies, so that people can participate in research programs to get to know each other better. In this way, they wanted to gather information about people who use mobile phones. They added that they did not share data with third parties and people did not cooperate anymore.

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