Wednesday , January 20 2021

"Fascia" after the new love flower at home

Anica Prebejšek From Loke to Zidane Most, he was very disappointed Miha He sent him to his house. Love at Home, they compete with their hearts. However, again Barbara They sat down on the motorcycle and dropped to the other side, the others had to cross luggage to the house. He told them he had reached 500 meters.

Mihak knew it was a bit longer, so Barbara, who had already enjoyed her on the terrace, said: "I think they will be angry with me and you." And indeed, Anica was above that competitor. disappointed: "I am very disappointed, I expected that it was like a kalavir".

Probably, he thought about Cavalier … So it's Slovenian Vesinina He got another term "Facus" (Jacuzzi).

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