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For Sunday, December 6, horoscope


Andreja Novak / Good karma

Andreja Novak, good karma, horoscope, stars

Sašo Švigelj

Andreja Novak – energy researcher and astrologer

The oven
See how conversations with some friends activate you and exhaust you with others. Take it one step further and call it positive several times and make changes for the better.

Secret emotions will appear and if you don’t trust your partner, you will feel like you are hiding something big and important from him. Talk to you as soon as possible.

Retirement will be beneficial for you to think about in the broadest sense of your life. The instructions of the last few days have shaken up your established plan and it’s time for a change.

The environment will make you uneasy, and that will seem very strange to you, because there will be nothing wrong with it. But you get used to the stress and problems, it’s understandable, but somewhat useless.

You will be happy to collaborate and you will want conversations. But happiness may end here, as you forget that the issues are more one-sided and that you are mostly silent.

You have too many worries, especially since you can’t change most of them. Review your fears and worries and write down everything you can’t change on paper so you don’t ruin your health.

The inner well-being will be sparkling and full of energy. Interestingly, however, you won’t show up outside if you decide to be attractive to your surroundings to stay calm.

You may want to organize your relationships and put them on a better footing, but it won’t go as planned. You won’t want to hear the same thing all the time and you’d rather retire.

The shooter
You’ve been going through so much lately that a normal day will seem like a real blessing to you. You will be relaxed no matter what the job, because you know that everything will be waiting for you.

Take care of your physical well-being, as life energy can dry out at the right time and this will embarrass you. Exercise helps.

Super well-being will keep you feeling like you have everything under control and you get along very well with everyone. You don’t even think it’s an illusion and would like to go back.

Breathing will be precious to you and by thinking about it you will realize your greatest talent. A new period that you will remember after conscious breathing will begin.

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