Tuesday , January 19 2021

He confessed that he was guilty and imprisoned for seven years: I would not be enough

The other two defenders, who have been convicted, will begin a trial Monday. The charge will be charged Glory Kleindienst and her husband Franca Kleindiensta and Alena LovićIn September last year, at the age of 36, he was hardened when he died in a homeless housing that lived in the area of ​​events.

Lović is guilty of guilty, which causes particularly serious bodily accidents, which caused death, now accepted. After hearing from the court hearing, he resolved to determine the sentence for punishment for punishment, he immediately regrets. "I would not do anything, and I feel a lot, and I will become a better person and I will become. " said Lovic, the relatives of the victims asking for forgiveness.

Lovice, who had been in custody since September, explained that he had problems with alcohol and healing, but then he did not go for treatment, and he did not try again.

His defender Špela VoršičHe stated that when a punishment was imposed, Lović wounded that day with the wounded, and committed to the words and actions of Kleindienst's spouses, he could never do because they were victims of a daily life with a friend and they did not no conflicts

He also stressed some other conditions, including alcoholism, which had a bearing on compassion and violence. In his opinion, psychologists explained that alcohol abuse is a great opportunity to control emotions and behaviors.

The court sued the court, because Lović was not guilty of a crime, so the prosecutor imposed a penalty Read Martinjak. But it's a judge Andrijana Ahacic Prosecutor and Lović's statement continue to be punished for punishment for punishment for 15 years in prison, applying a seven-year prison sentence. At the same time, the arrest was repeated.

The prosecutor indicated that he was a scoundrel who was wounded, which he took everybody in his container, where he drank where he drank. Lovic repeatedly dropped his head and other limbs and dropped his blood to help or rescue the rescue or police.

Frank Kleindienst, the co-defender, on the trial of today's trial, did not recognize his wife, alleged offending, accused of complicity. If the accusation is considered to be guilty, the prosecutor will imprison him for seven years and four months, and his spouse for seven years.

Kleindienst, like Lović, is still detained, will continue in Court Court of Kranj on January 21 and January 25.

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