Wednesday , January 27 2021

He insulted them with “laying hens”, expelling the SD mayor

Ilirskobistriški župan Emil Rojc, A member of SD, was recently asked by reporters Beginner Primorske As for the forecast of the highway between Postojna and Jelšane, the council explained that it is trying to build the highway in different ways, but one of the main obstacles is newspaper articles made by women journalists called “chicken syndrome”. According to him, its effects are reflected in the articles “at the level of laying hens”.

These statements were protested by the Slovenian Association of Journalists and condemned by the SD party.

The mayor has been repeatedly asked to stay calm in the party, and now they have decided to leave him out of their ranks. As reported in 24ur, the exclusion procedure is at the beginning, Mayor Rojc will have the opportunity to defend himself and appeals are also possible.

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