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He left the smallest baby in the hospital in the world

Japan, at birth, weighed 268 grams, while in Slovenia Erin was the youngest.

Keio, a student of Tokyo university, weighed 268 grams of birth since the baby was already out of hospital. In August, cesarean was born during 24 weeks of pregnancy. They decided to stop it because they grew up in the stomach. At birth, the boys weighed about as good as onions.

After five months after hospitalization, weighs "3,238 grams" at the exit, the hospital now says that the boy sets the record for the newborns who have been left in the hospital, according to Reuters.

Previously, the recorder was a German boy, with 274 grams in 2009. Although the youngest girl was born in Germany, she weighed 252 grams in 2015.

Throughout the world, 23 babies survived from birth and weighed less than 300 grams, four of them only. "People know how to get babies home, though they are very small," Japantimes said the doctor Takeshi Arimitsu.

In the case of premature babies, the girls will survive the boys. Experts still do not know why. It is assumed that the rate of survival is linked to the development of the lungs while they are developing for children.

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Slovenia is the smallest Erina

The little Slovenian child is Erin, a girl measuring 370 grams and measuring 24 centimeters a day. It was born after 23 weeks of pregnancy, 17 weeks before. Just like a little Japanese, Erin went home for five months.

Preteen is a child born after 37 weeks of pregnancy. "Late Newborns" have been born between the ages of 35 and 37, which have increased dramatically during the 32nd and 34st week of pregnancy, and are very mature in 29 and 31 weeks. Pregnant children were very old before 29 weeks of pregnancy. The average 28-day average per week is 1000 grams, 32 weeks in 1750 grams.

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Those born before, the bodies are less ripe

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