The actor LisaRaye McCoy he stated that he is his colleague on the TV show Coctails With Queens Halle berry bad in bed. »So they say, I’ve read about it, I’ve been told. That is the spirit,He signed. Hall did not remain in debt and responded via Twitter: “Mrs. McCoy, ask my husband, Van Hunt. It will tell you everything you need to know.«
LisaRaye shaped her story a bit and said that people are just rumors that Halle thinks her sex is as bad as sex with the Oscar in the Death Ball movie. But he doesn’t believe it, and he can’t even confirm the actor’s habits in bed, as he has never had a relationship with her. Finally, he added: “It’s a beautiful hall. I have no problem with it. I love him.«
Hall, the mother of Nahle (12 years old) and Macea (7 years old) and who finally publicly confirmed in September that there is a new man in her life, musician Van Hunt, has yet to respond to LisaRay’s apology.