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Italian fuels are cheap for Slovenian cars


Oil was also mentioned in the Italian bombardment scandal, revealing Italian journalists.

According to the RAI Radio Review Report, fuel pumps are being created at regular rates. They offer low prices because state-owned commercial fuel brokers do not pay VAT. RTV SLovenijak says, Oil would sell millions of ton of fuel for criminal agents.

Fuel fuels will arrive in Italy through unlawful routes, if the diesel is the only one.

"We are talking about the net profit of criminal organizations and amounting to six million euros. The agreement center is in Slovenia, where fuel comes."

He is an Italian journalist

Giorgio Mottola

said RTV Slovenian correspondent

Janku Petrovcu.

Rome 90% of the tanks running the Max Petroli Community of Italy have license plates of Slovenia and Croatia. Italian companies in Slovenia do not have to pay fees, so they have been transporting the Italian fuel without VAT. Mottola said it is selling the pump, the company collects VAT, and then disappears without paying the State VAT. Mottola refuses to denounce direct petrol guilty, also agreed by the Italian authorities.

petrol station Italy - 2011-2012 | Author: Reuters


Mottola has said that the volume of business coming from Slovenia has increased significantly.

"Petroleum was approved because its brokers for customers were not negotiated with oil companies in Italy, the petrol would be much more careful about the company's business, because the lion's share of this tax-related issue was fully shared by the Slovenian"

The Mottola has been added, adding imported petroleum gas taxation tax.

Gasoline: All sales are transparent

Oil has said that Televisión de Eslovenia's sale of petroleum products in Italy is transparent, according to accounts and contracts. They will only be sold to bank-guarantee companies. At the same time, their responsibility ends with the sale of fuel, what sellers do, they do not know.

When the Financial Authority sold for sale to Italy, the value added tax will be paid to Italy. The duty of the Slovenian seller is to inform the competent Italian authorities of correctly charging the VAT.

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