Sunday , June 13 2021

"Kek surely wants a lot of money, got my team"

Today, Matjaž Kek will sit again in Slovenia. Some types of development are skeptical.

Matjaz Kek

Second place will start today on the bench


Mariborcan's 57-year-old team will be seated next to a successful season between 2007 and 2011, in the most important JAR 2010 tournament.

Slovenia football team



"Everything was a spacecraft"

In his first season, Kek was successful

Branka Oblaka,

Slovenia directs them from 2004 to 2007. Oblak made some interesting comments about EkipSN to make Keka's arrival.

"I am not personally choosing who is going to be a new player, but who likes the most smart ones, even the smartest ones. It's hard to run a national team, some of them would not play it, others feel it, others, usually They are damaged "

Olimpia former player, Hajduk, Bayern and Schalke.

"Kek Rijeka has improved a lot with the good results, he wants a lot of money, as I have already said, but he" neglects. "Once he has won a national team, he will have to wait for something that is far more demanding."

tell Oblak about TeamSN.

matjaž kek



Keke set an interesting condition

When Kekek, Železničar, Maribor, Spittal and GAK Graš began to play in the position of defenders, he started his first training session when Maribor won.

Bojan Prašnikar.

The club brought two national and poker titles.

Team coach Al-Ittihad was in the club's field, and since 2013, when Rijeka won the title of Croatian champion, he won twice champion and every superliga. He won the Europa League three times and the playoffs after breaking the Champions League.

aleksander čeferin

UEFE President


Ceferin: "All the League of Nations are pleased to see Slovenia except"

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