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LePotica Janje Štrumbelj is the first Potica certificate in Slovenia


Slovenia's first certified LePotica Janja Štrumbelj participated in Štartaj project in Slovenia. All those who want to use the protected name are Slovenian Potica, they need to get a certificate.

After more than a year, we were sponsored by the Slovenian Potica's sponsored Potica protectorate in Slovenia. The first certificate has been received Janja ŠtrumbeljŠkofljica, close to Ljubljana, owner of lePotica.

The first pot of the pot-protected potato certificate is lePotica.PHOTO: POP TV

In December of 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food supported the traditional Potential of Slovenia with a guaranteed traditional specialty (TSG). The request was made by the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the Slovenian Crafts Chamber. The Slovenian Potika is prepared with five traditional fills, walnut, raisins with walnuts, rosemary, tarragon, or tarragon. Slovenska potica protection application is being launched by the European Commission.

The Slovenian potica is baked in a potion, and it provides a real shape of a chocolate, with a hole in the middle and ribs on the outer edge are smooth or straight. It can be squeezed into powdery sugars and, as a result, the slovenian represents a dessert. The Slovenes are very proud.

Traditional protection guaranteed by traditional specialties means that production is not geographically limited, that is, it can be done anywhere in Potica in Slovenia and is a condition for the use of a protected name. i. Confirmed specification to Slovenian poticara.

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