Wednesday , November 25 2020

Martin’s party blames him for the rise in infections

A total of 1,546 coronavirus infections were confirmed on Thursday with 5,673 tests, a government spokesman told covid-19. Jelko Kacin: “This is the message we wanted, hopefully it will continue to do so next week.” With 2,064 infections confirmed on Wednesday with 6,806 tests, a large number in recent weekends may indicate more martinis.

Verification of samples
The National Health, Environment and Food Laboratory, which is part of the network to control other flu and respiratory infections, was able to check samples from previous seasons to see if the new coronavirus was circulating in Slovenia before it was officially detected on March 4 this year. with us. Verification is planned and has not yet begun since the spring wave, as all efforts are currently focused on testing. Research has shown that when the new coronavirus discharges into the feces of infected people and enters it through sanitation, researchers at the National Institute of Biology have been developing methods and analyzing wastewater samples since late March with sars-cov-2. In September, they began pilot control at seven treatment plants and saw an upward trend visible in early October. It is a tool that can predict the next wave of the epidemic. The method allows the study of the trajectory of the epidemic, the effectiveness of the measures and the presence of the virus, such as in nursing homes, hospitals, schools and businesses, as it examines the presence of the virus. methods.

1254 patients were treated in hospitals, 201 in intensive care units, 68 patients were discharged for home care, 31 people died, of which 26 were in hospitals. The epidemic is not subsiding, said the coordinator of the hospital beds Robert Carotta, is high voltage, “the light at the end of the tunnel indicates the number of hospitalizations, no longer rising rapidly, but the system is at the extreme end of capacity and we should not allow the rapid increase in hospitalizations to increase, Slovenia health care will not be able to.” He hopes to gradually reduce the number of hospitalizations next week, unless there are new sudden outbreaks.

Prevention tests

It is worrying that many old virus residences have invaded and are spreading among the most vulnerable groups: there are 2,510 infections among caregivers (4,424 in the second wave) and 905 active infections among workers (a total of 1,656 in the second wave). “It is a sad fact that visits to relatives in nursing homes have been banned for more than a month and we are not talking about the impact this measure has on deteriorating the health of residents by reducing relationships and emotional relationships with relatives,” he said. Marolt Meden Church, Silver Thread, president of an association for a decent age.

“Since the first wave of the epidemic, Silver Wire has constantly warned all concerned to stop unnecessary infections and deaths, to do more to help workers with more staff and, of course, better pay, but the government has not yet done so,” he said. he still wrote. Minister of Labor Janez Cigler King on Thursday, he called on the directors of nursing homes to conduct preventive tests on those who work for them. In doing so, health professionals should take into account the regulations that establish such examinations. The fund will provide budgets.

Newborn and 101 years old
From October 1 to November 15, the Ljubljana University Clinical Center (Covid-19) treated an average of 698 adult patients aged 68 years; the youngest was 20 years old, the oldest 101 years old. 76 percent of them had related illnesses. 124 patients were treated in the intensive care unit; the youngest was 34 years old, the oldest 86 years old, of which more than 90% had diseases. 27 children were also hospitalized at the Infection Clinic, the average age was 6.9 years, the oldest was 17, the youngest was a newborn; 48 percent had related illnesses.

More hospitals are currently buying antigen tests to confirm coronavirus infections, which will also be needed for weekly testing by health care professionals. The costs of these tests will be borne by the state budget. The prices of these quick tests are different in the market, ranging from five to 30 euros. The country will join the joint European procurement to purchase these tests, but hospitals will have to take care of the stocks themselves until they receive the tests from the EU.

Extended measures

The government will extend a number of anti-crown measures, including closing non-essential shops for seven days and providing cultural services, and will continue to enforce decrees restricting movement; it suspended the deadlines for the exercise of the parties ’rights in court proceedings and extended the mandatory installation of disinfectant distributors in multi-apartment buildings. And what is happening in distance education today? The opening of schools and kindergartens is a priority, but schooling should be done according to strict measures, the National Institute of Public Health is preparing the conditions that would be met when the first three can start working at the school. These will be slightly different from those in the past, with low-level teachers proposing to put on masks as well.

Otherwise, the inspection authorities conducted a total of 2578 inspections per week from 9 to 15 November. According to him, a total of 104 offenses have been imposed with a total amount of 56,400 euros, and 263 warnings and 120 administrative measures under the Offenses Act. Deana Potza from the health audit. 712 inspections were carried out in public outdoor areas, 72 offenses were imposed with a value of 27,200 euros, followed by 214 inspections of multi-dwelling buildings and four regulatory decisions. Can you eat a sandwich on the street? Potzeva says we shouldn’t enjoy anything in motion, but we can go back to the green and follow the rules of the NIJZ. The inspector can decide independently whether or not to make a mistake. “

The system is at the extreme end of its capacity, we should not allow it to add to the rapid increase in hospitalizations.

Gathering in private spaces is still a violation, including entertainment. That is less than in previous weeks, says the deputy director general of police Tomaž Pečjak. “When we intervened, they attacked the police in cases.”

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