Wednesday , February 8 2023

On Saturday, more than a thousand infections killed another 44 people


In Slovenia, the new coronavirus infection was confirmed in 1,039 people on Saturday in 3,744 tests. This means that 27.51% of all tests were positive. Another 44 patients with 19 covid-19 diseases died yesterday, and a total of 1,744 people have died since the epidemic began.

1,302 patients are cared for in hospitals, of which 197 are in intensive care. 51 patients were discharged from hospitals yesterday.


1,744 people have already been killed

In Slovenia, a new coronavirus infection of 1,636 people was confirmed on Friday, and 25.79% of all tested positive. Since the outbreak began, 1,744 people have died in Slovenia as a result of covid-19 disease.

It has now infected about 80,000 people

There are currently around 20,000 people in Slovenia and their tests have confirmed a new coronavirus infection. Real numbers are much higher. The Jožef Stefan Institute, which prepares projections for the spread of covid-19, estimates that it is currently infected with about four percent of the population or about every 25 people in Slovenia (about 83,000 people).

When will we start releasing measures?

The government has approved a strategy to release anti-coronary measures, with a seven-day average of those infected and the number of patients in hospitals being the main conditions. Measures will only be released in the country in the last seven days when the number of infections drops below 1,350 and when fewer than 1,200 patients are hospitalized.

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