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Over time, Pahor is still a queen

LONDON – British Queen Elizabeth II. President of the Republic received today Borut Pahor, and was longer than expected. According to the Lehendakari's office, the queen was very friendly and based on conversation.

After meeting with the queen, Pahor said that she was shocked by the information and assessment, what opportunities are currently in this particular coexistence. "It was more creative than I expected from a creative interview," he said in a statement TV Slovenia.

Even though the king does not identify political issues, Pawn has said that this time, as well as the problems that he expected to share his views.

He also met the Lord

On the second day of Britain's official visit, Pahor established a crown before marking all the innocent victims before the Westminster Abbey. Bishop made a trip to the abbey. Since it was the church of the Benedictine Opatija, XI. Built in the century, it is one of the most sacred buildings in Europe.

In the official program, the President of the Republic met today the Lord's House Speaker, Lord Norman Fowler and some of the Members of the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives.

As expected, withdrawing from the UK's European Union, on March 29, was at the forefront of talks. How is it? TV Slovenia Pahor evaluated that lunch was very important with representatives of some political groups so they could meet different perspectives brexit And how could this issue be taken out of the European Union, without agreement.

As a President of the 27 EU Member States, London, Brussels and Ljubljana also want to look forward to those looking for solutions that are beneficial. "It may not be possible to find a solution that is good for a single page, because it is permanent," he added.

He says that Brussels has begun negotiations and other proposals of the Prime Minister Therese MayBecause it does not want to divide it to European people. We must ensure that a proposal from the Prime Minister is supported by the British Parliament and Dublin, and given this solution, it will be an evaluation of EU leaders, which will not be distributed to the EU27.

Dangerous on both sides

"We need to point out that this solution is to be found, but the chaotic departure from the European Union is a threat to the two sides of both the United Kingdom and the European Union, and it is a risk that we will see additional complications in the general situation," said Pahor. At the same time, as a complication, he initially declared economic and social security and later.

Brexit Sluptic residents of the island are also interested in the difficult outcome that many problems face. With these, the President of the Republic will be welcomed, the London ambassador will be in London Tadej Rupel.

On the last day of his visit, President Pahor will visit the London City Financial Center on Friday and will meet with Prime Minister Theresa May.

Pahor, as an invitation to the Queen Elizabeth II as an official visit. and the British government on Wednesday made an official visit to the prince Edward, Who distributed the prizes of young people included in the MEPI Youth Program, the British patron honorary protector. The President of the Republic joined the British Foreign Minister Jeremy HuntHe visited Slovenia last week. They talked mainly about bilateral relationships breed.

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