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Pahor: We remind the nationalists that they face the destruction of the nation

At his address, Pahor stressed that the Slovene has committed to finding one that connects us. Photo: STA / Daniel Novakovic

"In the middle of the last century there were people from Slovenia ga Destroy or dominate. Sustainable people, patriots, risked their own lives to face it. They became part of allied forces, and in six years humanity broke out the attempt to bring about the lowest moral level of civilization."Pahor has warned.

He says, these patriots do not want to fight for national liberation, they are worthy of respect, admiration and admiration. He remembered that it was time of contradiction at that time, when it is The battle of liberation fought with the power of struggle, and the slave of Slovenia overthrown the Slovenian brothers. "This, of course, we have now left the wounds we are trying to cure, and in 1990 we were referendums."he added.

Slovenian Trend: "Survive, Resistance and Daily Break Blocks"

We are small, but the sovereign
At that time, the slogans, as the president says, were joining together earlier than ever decide For an independent State, they achieved considerable reconciliation, perhaps due to the experience of World War II in the War of the Brothers, as well as the famous experience of the Battle of the Partisan who was able to defend our interests.

Highlight the commitment we have concluded with the independence experience. "to build bridges of respect, to strengthen trusted bridges, to look at one another, to encourage one another's encouragement."We are a small country, but still a sovereign member of a large European family, where Slovenian is the official language.

Upon completing his address, Pahor called all the inhabitants of Slovenia to Slovenia and abroad "magic, beauty, a shining moment ga We live here"Although we are worried, even though we also know fears, we are the master of our destiny, and more than ever in history." He also warned us to know how we should live. "In coexistence, solidarity and democracy, in order to be able to endure differences between us, politicians and others, then we do not have a concern for our future.".

Memorial of the Liberation Front

Presidential palace
In the uprising against the occupant, a brief event was also held at the President's Palace. The students left Waldorf Recently, a musical school was celebrated on the fifteenth anniversary, and the accordion Miha Debevec and virtuoso Dejan KUser. The president Pahor placed a crown of the Territory of Ljubljana Rožna Dolina.

We recall the anti-occupation rebellion day during the Second World War of Slavic Resistance in the Slovenian country (OS) of the Liberation Front. The state celebration was held on Friday afternoon at the Zlato Polje Carnival Hall. In his speech, President Dejan Židan's National Assembly emphasized that current resistance is perceived as feasibility, such as self-confidence and responsibility.

Direction 26 April By 1941, when it is Adolf Hitler was in Maribor. After the war, at least two decades later, it was thought that the day before the meeting was set up in the Vidmar industry in Ljubljana, and therefore 27 was chosen. April to make vacations Until 1991, the ORE day, and then the day of resistance against the occupier.

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