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Prior to the capture, Mate 20 Pro Huawei has already passed – Tehnozvezdje


Matjaž Ropret

November 26, 2018, 05:31 p.m.

Huaweik has quickly and rapidly jumped out of the mobile phone manufacturer to get the best pace and development nominee. However, this year, we have repeated similar products of mantras in their products – they are very good, almost the most advanced, but not the most clean and very prominent. With P20 Pro and especially with the new Mate 20 Pro, this also changes. In the end, it has some technologies and capabilities that do not include other models.

First of all, the camera is there. We can take part in the academic debates, best or not. Or, in addition, if all the hardware available is developed. Some people like the results, because some others are a bit less, because there is still an excessive interference between artificial intelligence and algorithms to write jpg files. But this flexibility with this phone, there is usually no other. There are already high-level results in automatic mode, and it's also night-time, because it has a lot of light. Instead of HDR Advanced, it wants more control and less interference than "memory", it can be handwritten. In addition to this exposure, these photos have less contrast and the edges of the object stand out, and in addition to the gross registry (dng), there is a lot of compromise with the photo processing program. They are also available for playback blue (opening) and portrait mode.

Mostly, the three lenses provide flexibility. In addition to conventional focal length, very wide (approximately 16 mm) and teleobject lens (80 mm) are available, plus optical zoom optical and digital (135 mm). Especially wide it is welcomed, because quality is really decent, almost like the main lens. Obviously, the recordings are a bit "bark" and not too much. This "zoom" means that a smaller sensor and fewer points are known, but it can still be useful, especially light. The decision to enter the black and white sensor and incorporate the wide angle lens was complete and correct. It is best that Huawei can improve the camera as a software upgrade and develop future models.

The next field is biometrics. Most likely, when Apple released iPhone X last year, it took two. First and foremost, the integrated fingerprint readers, although they were talking at the time, are not close to mass realities. And also the face ID, Kinect will be the smallest scale before the competition. And so, instead of getting the fingerprint instead of transferring the fingerprint to the phone until it's enough, it's been decided instead. There were both quite assimilated hypotheses activated. In fact, fingerprint recognition is a phone number on the screen directly, and a completely equivalent facial biometry.

True Mate 20 Pro offers two. Screen views of fingerprints on the reader. Critics have pointed out that slower than usual in recent years, especially Huawei was fast and reliable, and their fingers are no longer familiar with classics. But personally, my new solution is better. It's true that the identification makes a little more, somewhere between the second and the second half. But because I have no problems, I leave my long finger to the glass, but something. Reliability is excellent for me, it does not fail when I wet my legs, that is, everyone is also true. And the animation is very interesting and after a few days you need to put your finger before drawing the circle. I think the front reading reader is very comfortable, I often see something I want on my phone, because I've been a little bit away from the table, but I do not care.

But I recommend that anyone who does not wait to unlock the face. Additionally, the device is unlocked at a glance, before clicking on it in any case. Practically practiced in all situations. In ordinary light, in darkness, in the sun, with a hat, with glasses. I do not notice a tangible difference compared to apple setting, but Huawei is probably even faster. You do not need to (if you configure it) to link anything with your finger on the screen, but it is unlocked directly.

The quality of the screen does not recognize fingerprint. And, although it is not possible to deduce it, the OLED was significantly better than Mate 10 Pro last year. This is a bit too much for P20 Pro. Especially, black is much black in black on this occasion, despite the fact that it was a technology screen that promises pure black last year. Calibration of other colors has been significantly improved. White is white at this time, blue or yellow is not dragged, as it is happening. It would be nice if Huawei offered additional options for adjusting icons and scale sizes, because in some places the high resolution is already well-used and elsewhere.

Last but not least, battery charging. The power of 4200 mAh is over the whole day, and in a month I have never had a complete filling of the phone to bed. But occasionally I made a wireless charger. When one day after a busy day comes on, the battery is kept at the end of another, otherwise there will be two days of autonomy. But it is very fast loading, as with the universal charger that supports one of the fastest protocols already, leave attachments. In this way, the charge between 30 and 80 percent of the phone is about half an hour. I have not yet tried it wirelessly, the Huawei charger has not yet come. It's not quick with other people, however, the phone can be used frequently with electricity, so it's 100 percent more space. Of course, that is, anyone who supports induction charging, but not a great battery, such as the same efficient processor like Mate 20 Pro and Kirin 980.

Reverse wireless charging seems like a pretty idea, but for now I did not take advantage of it. I think it was better to load an hour or a box completely wireless headsets. However, none of these types of devices are supported by this power generation mode. There is always a problem in presenting some concrete ecosystems in the background. The other phone should go to another way to charge it, I tried it but with some limitations. First of all, it should be in the box and maybe it must be somehow connected, otherwise it's easy to get energy from Mate 20 Pro sleek and slippery, and the joy is over. This means that they put mobile phones on the table, such as coffee or lunch. You can not fill in your pocket or backpack. But at the subway level, I'm going to send you a little call with a few percent or a message / email, which is probably not much. In the clock or headphones, I imagine that I have given a few hours to add juice, but at the same time I would not remove the phone, it would be crutches.

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