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Responsible for the association: it's time to win the game

The Board of Directors members met in a traditional January meeting, symbolically celebrating the beginning of the business event. Last year, according to their word, the economy was once again excellent, and according to the president of the Aleksandar Zalaznik Association, as time progresses, it directs long-term measures for the development of salaries.

Alexander Zalaznik Last year it was marked by a great economy. The export volume of the Slovenian GDP is 86%, and at the same time, new and fast-growing companies account for 75% of jobs, above the EU average.

He is still

However, over the last few months, Zalaznik has been showing signs of slowing the economic activity of the main trading partners in Slovenia. The unknown is still violent. Slovenia's challenge is still competitiveness and productivity; demographic challenges should not be forgotten.

The work of life this year was presented to KLS Ljubno Bogomir Straš, the founder, director and the majority owner. Young Director of 2018 was the owner of Cosylab Igor Verstovsek. Filip Despškar's Smart Com participated in the competition, as well as the director of Slovenia's GKN Driveline, Peter Smole.

The next step will be important, Zalaznikov said, it would be the growth of the net rent, the depletion of development and the greater development of the economy. They propose a five-year deal, gradually increasing gross rent and gradually reducing taxation. "This framework would allow managers to find solutions to greater value added and productivity, and this situation should accelerate the search for solutions to increase the competitiveness of the economic environment, such provisions would have a better state of affairs, despite tax cuts, higher revenues and a clear maximum employee and this Agreement and higher salaries will also prevent further outsourcing of employees and encourage the return of those who remain." Slovenia emphasized the belief that this leap could make it. "The time is right, let's use it"He called it himself.

According to the Executive Director, the association will do so Sasha Mrak This year, integration and integration have contributed to the development of modern leadership and social progress and prosperity.

Šarec proposed a restructuring tax

He was also Minister of Economy and Technology Economics Zdravko Počivalšek, despite the forecast of the growth of the economy, he praised the excellent form of the Slovenian economy: "It depends on us to announce that we have a strategy to increase the competitiveness of the country, or those who create scary scenarios. Then the government and the economy are preparing a long-term plan for systemic increase for salaries. "

Last year, the economy was once again excellent, and according to the President of the Board of Directors, it is time to take long-term measures to increase net wages.PHOTO: POP TV

They recognized the artemis passed through the T. i. glass ceiling and the highest management management of companies or organizations. This year's recipients are the director of Agitavit Solutions, Anka Brus, and Sonja Šmuc, Commercial and Industrial Director of Slovenia.

The audience was directed by the Prime Minister through a video clip Marjan Šarec, this year's effort joined the economy in Slovenia. He announced a proposal for a restructuring tax, but the need for additional financial resources was emphasized. He also emphasized that the government's commitment is to restore environmental regulations.

"You are helping to develop the country and, at the same time, make mistakes a lot. For 2019, the government has raised the goals you have highlighted, such as job restructuring and fiscal restructuring, which we will prepare for economic growth, which will be very important this year. in our development, even in the face of a new crisis. " Sharek said.

Thank you Pahor

The Lehendakari also attended Borut PahorThanks to the partnership, thanks to the independence in the years, Slovenia became a better society.

"30 years ago began in the door of big democratic and social changes, nobody knew how to do it. Today, however, we are not afraid to look into the future, the knowledge and experience that will take us over the next 30 years. "Pahoru congratulated him in a message.

Young Director of 2018 is Igor Verstovs

Igor VerstovsekPHOTOGRAPHY: Andraž Kobe, Director of the Association

The Management Association has awarded the Youth Director of 2018 Igor Verstovsk, co-owner and Cosylab proxy. "We started as a group of students who do not know about leadership or leadership. We were together, tutors and well understood. This was the reason we created the main company. Then when things happened, "said the Verstovšek prize.

He received acknowledgment of continuous work in the field of management Bogomir Strašek."For me, this award is the crown of my work. I am honored, and at the same time I feel the responsibility of work and people even more. I wanted to be the best and I wanted to do things a bit differently. Thanks to my colleagues who follow my goals and my family, I have been faced with difficult times. Again, I have stressed that you can only achieve good results with mutual respect, "The meeting led Strašek, the creator, director and owner of KLS Ljubno, who has been leading the company for 47 years.

"Franco and Janez have more opportunities"

The artemide prizes of 2018 were given by the College Director Anki Brus, Director of the family of Agitavit Solutions, and Sonji Šmuc, Managing Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. "I did not choose a career direction, but he chose me," Bruce says.

"Francos and Janez have more than one option to take positions of leadership of the company or organization in Slovenia." Šmučeva, Director General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia in October 2017, has a staff of 128 employees and presents it in the main balance positions. Prior to that, he was the Executive Director of the magazine magazine for 12 years. In addition to the export risk book, as well as the supervision of the author of more than 700 articles, with the contents of the business.

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