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Samsung expands partnership with Google – IT, cloud, computer news and information technology – Samsung expands partnership with Google


Seoul, Korea – November 16, 2020 – Samsung Electronics has joined Google’s Android Business Recommended program, which aims to make it easier for companies to integrate mobile solutions into their day-to-day operations. Participating in the program assures users that Samsung devices meet and actually exceed the hardware and software requirements set by Google.

“Samsung strives to make it easier for business users to upgrade their business in the digital age with a significant supply of flexible hardware and software that offers the highest level of security but is easy to manage,” said KC Choi, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Electronics B2B Mobile Solutions at Samsung Electronics . “By joining the Android Recommended Company, we make it easier for entrepreneurs to create a mobile experience that protects employees and increases operational efficiency, while meeting and exceeding Google’s standards of security, productivity and flexibility.”

Long-standing partnership between Samsung and Google
Samsung and Google have worked closely together to provide the best and safest mobile experience from the beginning. Both companies are developing solutions to the challenges companies face today: maintaining productivity, protecting employees, and flexibility.

Specifically, Samsung and Google have been collaborating for the past two years:
– Coordinating the Android Enterprise platform and Samsung Knox for Business to provide an extraordinary experience for Android users;
– Synchronize your mobile login service and provide a great user experience when you start using a new service or device.

“We are pleased that Samsung phones and tablets have been included in the Android Enterprise Recommended Program. We have been working with Samsung for many years to provide a great mobile experience, “said David Still, CEO of Google’s Android Enterprise.

Samsung for business users
Samsung has extensive experience providing business users with mobile solutions to help businesses do business, including Galaxy Enterprise Editions, exceptional phones and tablets, cutting-edge security solutions, flexible configuration and deployment options, and innovative lifecycle management services.

Samsung is constantly innovating and offering the best solutions for business users, even beyond the requirements set by the Android Enterprise Recommended Programs. Within the Samsung Knox Suite software, it offers exemplary security and management features such as:
– Advanced security features such as double-layer data encryption, real-time kernel protection, intrusion learning, and protection of business customer data against new threats;
– The ability of IT administrators to adapt Samsung devices to the needs of the company and manage them from a central location, implementing a wide range of IT policies;
– Computer system for IT administrators to easily manage operating systems and software updates for remote employees – so that the latest versions of operating systems and security patches, once tested, are available to all employees.

What does this mean for Galaxy users?
Galaxy devices with Android 11 or later, such as the Galaxy S20, Note20, Tab S7 S7 + and XCover Pro, have become part of the Android Enterprise Recommended. This ensures that users comply with Google standards, while providing consistent performance and a great user experience. Samsung and Google will continue to push the boundaries and provide the best possible experience – and facilitate digital transformation for business users around the world.


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