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Saturday, November 21, horoscope

Andreja Novak / Good karma

The oven

You will be full of confidence and you will feel your inner strength grow. You will successfully resolve an important relationship that will fill you with great joy and pride.


For the weekend, you will be in deeper emotions and will be able to put your partner on your side. If you’re in a bad mood, don’t inflate your problems so that everything doesn’t get worse.


You will be waiting for a change of uneasiness. You’ll find that you also have to incorporate some things yourself in a different way so that it all makes sense. Learn to relax and socialize.

Andreja Novak, good karma, horoscope, stars

Sašo Švigelj

Andreja Novak – energy researcher and astrologer


Be careful when working with electricity and driving a car, because the stars tempt you to unpleasant events. Take time for yourself and, if you can, dedicate the whole day to yourself.


Tonight the Sun will pass to the sign of Sagittarius, which will set you free and awaken the love within you. You will be delighted with the new sensation that will give you the right wings.


Even if you don’t get to do everything planned, don’t burden yourself and ruin your weekend and home relationships. Make sure you knead regularly and that everything will be different.


Relax again so you can open up to love. In the evening, your inner passions and emotions, for sure and more, will be activated.


Great ideas will activate your desire for business success, but that’s not all you have at your fingertips. Keep track of what’s important to do and keep track of everything.

The shooter

The sun goes down on your signal which will redirect you to all the headlights. This will relax your thoughts well and strengthen your inner strength to make the necessary decisions.


Whatever your loved ones are, now is the time and the time when you are bent over the old and find a new way to live. Everything will be reconfigured, so take your time.


Try to calm down and see how your loved ones would fix a certain thing and then help. Don’t be the one to fix everything right away, because then no one is really happy.


Depending on the situation, you will be amazed by the good humor. You will be happy and everything seems to be fixed in due course. Confidence in yourself will be strengthened.

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