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Serbia received an important Senida music award

Slovenian Sen. Senidak, renowned singer Muff, received an important MAC award in Serbia. She won the Slađana song and collected more than 31 million videos in YouTube in less than a year.

On Tuesday, the Stark Belgrade arena was held at the MAC Awards (Gala for Music Awards), where Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and now also Slovenia's most important musical names were selected, although Slovenian artists are not part of the award.

He represented our colors Senidah, otherwise Muff's singer has adjusted for a long time. He unveiled his only career, speaks of Serbo-Croatian songs with former Yugoslav people, which works well.

People, thank you ? Music Awards Gala ???

Posted by Senidah Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Serbia won Sladjana

Sladjana shot his song among famous artists from all over Serbia, and for Sladjana, he won the first prize of the Serbia prize at the MAC awards at the Hip Hop / Rap category.

The category was held by two audiences, a selection of audiences, and the selection of radio stations. The Senate convinced the audience, and Who See became the group stations.

After receiving the award, 33-year-old Ljubljana admitted that she really did not expect her, because her friends always advised her: "I never expected anything, so I make it easier for you to live." It's his head Ida Prester He said he was not going to be modest, he won millions of new fans this year. "I never thought that I would succeed in my life. Never," he replied.

Otherwise, they celebrated last night Marija Šerifović, Jelena Karleusa, Željko Joksimović, Jelena Rozga, Željko Joksimović and Toni Cetinski, and received a special gold prize Stjepan Hauser2Cellos is part of the internationally successful group.

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