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Simeon won the league against Barca, while Messi also lost 23 balls

Barcelona have lost for the third time this season in eight league games. The Catalans finished the evening in tenth place in the standings, with Atletico Madrid already with 11 points. Madrid, who had five defenders in the back, did not give the guests much chance to threaten the goal Jana Oblaka, but they seriously shut themselves down with attempts in the first half Saula nigueza(excellent defenseMarc-Andre ter Stegna) in Marcosa Llorenteja, stopped by a barrier.

Barca played better, especially at the end of the half, but apart from the attempts Antoina Griezmanna, after a pass from the side, shot with difficulty, and did not threaten Messi’s escape, ending with a shot that did no harm to the ground in the hands of the Slovenian goalkeeper. He is also in the final half after losing the ball Gerard Pique Atletico’s counterattack was impressive and only a tremendous foul was stopped. Yannick Ferreira Carrasco, the German goalkeeper could not understand after trying to intervene about 40 meters from his door.

‘A great team can’t achieve such a goal’
“Like any coach, I’m responsible. I will continue to have confidence in the players I have, but there are things we need to improve on defense and offense. We need to start winning on the set,” he said.said the Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman, which he did not criticize to the detriment of a pretty goal picked up by the comic, which eventually also decided the winner.

“It’s a worrying goal scored in the first half of extra time.”adds Koeman.“A great team can’t score a goal like that. It can’t happen. I don’t want to blame the players one by one. It’s a moment when you should never score a goal when you have the ball. It was a big blow because we played well in the first half. We controlled the game, we know it’s hard to create chances against Atletico, but it’s completely different with a 0-0 result, the difference (in points, op. cit.) is big, but there are still a lot of games until the end of the tournament. we need it now “.

Simeone: I don’t see anything like the 2013/14 season
This was Atletico’s first victory against Barcelona in 2010 and therefore the first in terms of tactics. Diego SimeonejaThey got a much better result against the Catalans in the cup competitions. The numbers that the Argentine team currently achieves are at least comparable, better than the 2013/14 championship season, a decisive draw at the Camp Nou in the last matchday (1-1) and in the Champions League final. Atletico are in second place in the standings, with Real Sociedad leading by the same number of points (20), but even less in their pocket.

“Do I see any similarities with the tournament season? No, no.” quite expected and the euphoria in his style calmed Simeone. “The most important thing is the progress of so many players compared to last season. You can see that. We need everything, we need Felipe, who doesn’t get many minutes, (Renan) We need Lodi, who is an important player for us, (Geoffrey) Kondogbia has come, Saul Niguez goes on, (Angel) Correa is showing tremendous progress, and we didn’t mention what (Joaa) Felix or Diego Costa did when he came into the game in 15 minutes. He’s a whole team of players. “

Messi will play oblivion with 23 turnovers
Even before the season started, there was a lot of talk about the future Lionel MessiIn Barcelona, ​​after the Argentine got involved in a public dispute with the club, despite the different interpretation of the clauses in the captain’s contract, this did not allow him. After being offered in Madrid on Saturday, the (dis) satisfaction in South American Catalonia will be further explored, as the Madrid newspaper AS did not lose 23 balls.

“It’s a huge number if we add that he has only made 36 successful passes in the whole match. has become an invisible day in away matches. Outside of Barcelona, ​​he has not scored a single decisive goal in the whole of 2020, a figure that is not in line with his fame and winning.he was ruthless AS.

They also mention the statement made by the return of the Argentine national team (“I’m tired of my guilt at the club!”), which surprised many. They added that the biggest problem for Barcelona is that the disagreements at the club through Messi have also started on the green.

Will he imitate Ronaldinho?
“(Zelenica, op. Cit.) He’s also the only one who doesn’t lie in football,” were poetic in the Spanish capital, Messi finally scored the top goal last December, against Atletico, when it was 1-0 for Barcelona. “The team needs a captain, a leader, a flag bearer and a role model. At the moment, however, Messi is not moving towards his goals and Barca is moving to facilitate the process of rebuilding.if you are already considering quittingthe club was at least in better shape with youngsters like Pedri, Ansu (Fati), (Sergino) Dest or (Francisco) Trincao to make the job easier. Messi knows that. He came to a club that has been in hell for years and many have worked there to make his arrival in the 2004/05 season as painless as possible. Ronaldinho was among them. But at that moment, the ‘Messi case’ also reached the green. “adds AS.

They added that Messi is now showing even better performances on the Argentine national team jersey than on the Barcelona jersey, which has often received criticism at home during his career, where he also played very well in the 2022 World Cup qualifier. Against Peru (2: 0).

“He’s fed up with being a problem for everyone, but he played a huge game in Wanda. In Argentina, they don’t understand Messi in Barcelona. He’s a troubled triangle behind the election, and there are doubts at the best of times. One of Barca’s future candidates is Victor Font (president, op. Cit. .) calls for a “new fire,” as well as a permanent merger of the Barca and Messi brands. “he even wrote in the analysis of Messi’s play AS.

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