Thursday , December 9 2021

Slovenia has received additional doses of the flu vaccine, but there is little stock


Another 20,000 doses of influenza have arrived in Slovenia, which the National Institute of Public Health has already distributed among health centers. Vulnerable groups – the elderly, the chronically ill, children and pregnant women – should be included with them as a matter of priority. Health centers expect to receive a third shipment of the vaccine by the end of the year, even though due to the pandemic, the flu vaccine is almost non-existent in the world market.

In three weeks, 250,000 people have been vaccinated against the flu in Slovenia. Along with that, all the vaccine stocks were shipped, so the nursing homes and those who did not join the queue were pleased with the additional dose shipments expected. Thomas Gantar, The health minister stressed that “Of course, the priority is the elderly, the sick, those at risk of extinction and only then who want to be insured.”.

Stocks are limited. Slovenia has received only 20,000 additional doses, so health centers will receive far fewer vaccines than they would like. Alexander Jus From the Medical Center dr. Aldof Drolec of Maribor said they were already there “I immediately asked for 5,000 more doses the first time I got the vaccine, but unfortunately we only got 900.”. Interest, however, remains high. After requesting about two days, only about 300 doses are available at the Adolf Drolec Maribor health center. “Tomorrow we will meet almost all of these appointments for additional vaccinations, so we will have to stop applying again.” explained Jus.

Weakest groups will continue to be a priority in vaccination.PHOTO: Dreamstime

Weak groups, meanwhile, continue to make requests at the Ljubljana Health Center. The fact is that there will be no vaccine for anyone who wants to get vaccinated this year. “That is, other countries cannot get additional vaccines on the market. It should be noted that interest in the flu vaccine is significantly higher this year. Not because it is free this year, but because it is a coward.” explained Minister Gantar.

Jus also noted that 3,725 people were vaccinated last year, but this year the increase is really noticeable as 9,500 will be vaccinated.

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