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Slovenia will play the Slovenian roots in Argentina #video


As every year, the best ten players in the last edition of this year have met. Among them, Dalila Jakupović and Aljaž Bedene are our best Slovenian players. Kaju Juvan was one of the best tennis players. In Davis Cup, they are promises for us, but captain Miha Mlakar has shown a new win.

With the closing ceremony of Ljubljana, the press conference was preceded by the fact that the actors moved to the media Dalila Jakupović and Kaja Juvan. Both have confirmed that they will play the national team of Slovenia next season.

He is very worthy of the father

He liked it most during this season Dalila JakupovićHe has performed extra-tennis performances and has reached the 69th position in the season and has also advanced the level. "Most importantly, we understand each other, and that's why I think the results will be achieved. We understand the girl and the captain," said the 80s in the world, who could step up their father this year.

Dalila Jakupović


The success of this actor has won most of all the cities

Kaja Juvan and Marco Umberger, President of the Tennis Association

Kaja Juvan and Marco Umberger, President of the Tennis Association
Photo: Vid Ponikvar / Sportida

Juana never wants to stop

Kaja Juvan He was surprised by the younger tennis category. He won the most important tournaments. This year it was also known as WTA. This is where 381 places have progressed. The 18-year-old woman in Ljubljana is only in the 174th and, she said, she will send youngsters this year. It should be noted that Juvan won two gold medals at the Youth Olympic Games.

"I look forward to a breakthrough and to say goodbye to the youngsters of last year." The game was definitely a pleasant experience and I hope to take a step further in the competition of its members, "said Kajak. His career is very unique.

We will also change the Davis Cup

For girls, a male team took the stage. Miha Mlakar, captain of the Davis Cup Slovenian national team, will join the Slovenian roots in Slovenia with the Slovenian team. In smaller selections, Davis Cup changes are also expected.

"This year we have been in contact with Argentine Slovenia, which is Tomaž Lipovšek Puches, a partner specialist and a Slovenian passport".
Photo: Sportida

"The biggest changes are at the highest level, but there are also changes in our team. The main thing is that we will play a single game throughout the year, we will be debating in February and we will only be able to see whether it will be in April or September, whether at home or not. With a victory we can go higher or lower, "said Mlakar, revealing another important secret.

"This year, we have been in contact with the Argentine Slovenians: Tomaž Lipovšek Puches, who is a specialist and has a Slovenian passport, agreed with Davis Cup next year," he added. The captain, who believes that Davis Cup plays a double tie on the scales.

Bedene hopes he has learned something

Aljaž Bedene

Photo: Vid Ponikvar / Sportida

The best player in Slovenia was this season, Aljaz Bedene. As he admitted, it had seasonal ups and downs. "In my opinion, as my favorite base, I expected a little more, I got the first set that happened to me, and I had an" break "advantage and I ended up losing it. I hope that's why" I want to win matches next season because it can be even bigger "At that moment, our best tennis player, recently eye surgery.

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