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Some flakes. What's next?

Weathermen announced the snowflakes on Tuesday; His prediction has become a reality, but the precipitation is very low.

"Today, the sunny weather will be dominant, in the central and eastern parts, in the morning, to a large extent, the majority will continue to be clouds."

Weather advertisers announce in Ars. East wind is rotten, and Primorska weak and moderate. The highest temperature every day ranges from 2 to 5, from Primorska to 10 degrees.

Tomorrow, to continue in Ars, it will be sunny, in the morning there will be only places in the ground floor in the morning and in the afternoon, there will be little clouds. In the Primorska region, the breeze will gradually deteriorate. In the morning, temperatures will range from 8 to 3.3, about 3 meters from the sea, ranging from 2 to 1 in the Primorska region of 4 to 9 degrees.

On Fridays and Saturdays, most of them will be clouds. Primorska breeze will gradually end on Friday afternoon.




What's so unusual, what's happening underground?

From December 1 to 6

"From Saturday to Thursday, our places will be on the outside of a great pressure area, facing the weather that is a little bit weakened on Sunday, during the Alps of central Europe, which will make it cooler and cool again on Thursday"

The weather image is shown in Ars.

They predict that dry weather will prevail, and small precipitation will increase the probability on Sunday and Monday. Most sunny storms will be in Primorska and higher places. The weather temperature will be zero in the first half of the following week.




Preparing gloves will last up to 14 degrees

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