Friday , June 18 2021

Star week

Things will return to the past and our faults will become clear, which will be analyzed again. Shooter's time will bring us winter temperatures. You can connect with unconscious experiences and remember things once you've worked. It will also lead us to an intuitive and imaginative world of thought. Therefore, the shooter is a mystical, half-energized signal, which summarizes the properties of the person born in it and almost never knows that something is impossible. This shooter will be a part of everyone in this wonderful game, which will be full of fresh energy.
Until the end of the week, Venus returns to Uranus. This may cause conflicts in finance or projects because mercury is retrospective. This will be reflected in family life. Of course, this does not apply to knowing and knowing all the challenges, this aspect will give you a clear insight into the changes in the financial field.
The fall of the moon and the retrospective of Mercur since September has helped us to realize the goals you have invested in. There is a good week for us, because the rest of them should be put in front of work, because they can get straightforward information in single moments of tranquility and socialization can be easily realized.
In heaven, this week, big planets will join one week. These parties are referred to as kazimi, which means that the planet has a dual power light, which gives us great information. Intuition has strongly emphasized that on Monday, Sun and Jupiter are called kazimi, it brings a lot of expansion and support. In that sense, the week will be fulfilled. I will again remind you that there will be no new steps during the mercury retreat, it will not sign a new contract, but things are only being reorganized. Because Venus is correct, the new energy is time to glorify relationships and to connect more deeply.
On Tuesday, it will be an important day, as it will be two aspects of the party, Sun and Merkur and retro Jupiter. Excellent power allows you to talk about important things, so far you have not said. You will be helped by the day, so we offer you the options.
Enjoy beautiful days, well-being and happy moments. Only the last quarter of Friday will be quite dynamic, you will re-wake up in the emotional area, you will act differently than usual, so we will take a personal step in our lives.

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