In the more than a month since it became a secretive hospital, Jesenice General Hospital treated 126 patients with covid-19, of which 17 were patients in the intensive care unit. Although coronaviruses currently have sufficient capacity for those infected, they do not have emergency hospitalization for patients with other diseases.

For patients with Covid-19, the facilities were prepared in two internist rooms and in containers in the courtyard. There are also beds for children and pregnant women in the gynecology and obstetrics department. In total, the hospital has 56 hospital beds for these patients. This number of hospital beds is sufficient for the epidemiological plant in Gorenjska. Therefore, no additional capacity is currently required for patients with covid-19. The exception is the intensive care beds for these four patients in Jesenic. “But unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to add here to increase the capacity,” they explained.

Where to put the patient after a blow

They noted that the current lack of capacity to hospitalize patients without new coronaviruses is of particular concern. “We don’t have to hospitalize patients with other diseases, such as stroke and cancer.” stated in SB Jesenice.

With the overall improvement in the epidemiological picture of Gorenjska, the number of infections in hospital staff is declining. That is, employees return a larger amount after recovering from an infection than new ones. “Unfortunately, we have had the introduction of infections in the so-called white zone, which can increase the number of infections among staff. We have also found some new infections among patients.” they also reported from the hospital.

New container

Health services continue to adapt to the epidemic in other parts of Gorenjska. For example, the previous day the civil protection of Gorenja vas – Poljane municipality placed a container in front of the medical station of Gorenja vas to receive and treat patients with suspected infection with the new coronavirus.

In this way, the risk of new infections will be greatly reduced, as it will be impossible for patients who may be infected with the new virus to meet with other people who come for regular tests with personal doctors for other reasons. The entry point for testing in the municipality of Gorenja vas will not be included in the container. Poljane Škofja remains in Lokan.