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The Germans who rescues the Mercedes merchandise are also worth millions of euros

He received secondary education from Domžale and then tested his money with several employers. "From deprived-authorized services, I was very disappointed," he says.

A few years ago, he worked with Kienle Automobiltechnik, only for the renovation and restoration of new and old Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

"Our first car race, with whom I first got my dad, and then I race," Nick says.
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The company is located in the small town of Heimerding, 25 kilometers northeast of Stuttgart (Germany). He set the aunt living around him with the company's first relationship.

He already has already been there already, but he never thought he would live. "Never say never," Nick says. In addition to his work, he offered an apartment, very pleased, because of the high prices of Germany, it is difficult to stay comfortable.

"Then I had a problem I did not sleep a bit"

While foreign life was very pleased, the letter of neighbors was very difficult. "I especially appreciate your help from parents," he says. Father who is thinking first abroad.

In January of last year, I talked to my father about the future and what he would do about his life. "Well, I said, because the old car is in love, I would like to do something in that direction." But soon they found out that there are only many companies in Slovenia that would face this.

Nick is very grateful for his father for all the help.

Nick is very grateful for his father for all the help.
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"Then I had a problem that I needed some time to sleep," says Nick. His dad asked him to be interested in the rest of the world. Maybe, he thought, why not. "After all, it's better to learn and master this work abroad, my life is changing oil and filters," he says.

Nik Pristavec

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In April, he went to a conversation, spent a good month at home, and in May he was promoted to a new world. "Last weekend we had a festive party at home, so it was full of emotion," he remembers.

Her girlfriend was much harder to go. "When he was home this month, I met the girlfriend of the dreams, but the migration from Slovenia did not go into play, so we had to break our hearts," he says.

On the other hand, he is very grateful that he has to do something with the family. "Aunt is very close to the hill, even if there are not many things in these places," said Nick smiling. The aunt and his uncle facilitated, as he says, a difficult passage. "It's like my mom and dad," he added.

It works with 10 million euros of cars

As Nick says, the cars in the workshop cost more than 20,000 and 10 million euros. "The rarest and most desirable cars that are rarely seen in human beings are rarely found in my life, since they look like wastes from ancient times, they become beauty, better than the factory," she explains.


In the world of ancient brands, Mercedes-Benz is a brand, according to Nikko, their cars drive all wealthy people to bankers, sheiks, kings and sultans. The Mercedes-Benz factory produces some pieces for the old model mercedes. "The factory does not do us too," says Nik.

When people say what they do, it's strange to see it, most people do not even know how to restore cars. He describes his work enthusiastically, comments Nick. There is not much in Slovenia, he says. "They are old masters who manage these issues, but they have never developed a business that is something bigger, most of them doing their afternoon for their love," she says.

"Today's great investment and people know this"

The restoration of the car generates an accurate overview and a customer confirmation estimate. When the car is recovered, the car will exit from the last balls, then remove the paint, rust and whales from the charger's workshop and correct the previous damage, then paint the cars.

"It works slowly, accurately, and sensibly," says Nick.
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During this time, the innovator analyzes the pieces that are visible and can be solved. "In my work, the originality is most considered," says Nick, which is a problem for young generations.

"The simplest part is to replace a new defective part. Exactly we're doing the opposite." Parts are washed, disassembled and fixed. If no particle can be solved, a new part is installed, then rebuilt or protected by anti-rheumatism.

"Then, a fun part is included, installing these parts in the car," says Nick, and emphasizes the importance of accuracy and accuracy. When everything is painted, they should not be flawed, if they cause damage or new lacquered lacquers, they will create high costs and bad wills. "So here it works slowly, accurately and reasonably," he added.

One day, I would like to open my own business, which will be responsible for the restoration, restoration and restoration of restoration.

One day, I would like to open my own business, which will be responsible for the restoration, restoration and restoration of restoration.
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When the vehicle is assembled, it is tested and, sometimes, if they need to fix something, the customers are always happy. "They are glad to have their new" car "collected and sold at a price of three or three times more than three years ago. This is a huge investment today, and people know that," says Nick.

"At first, of course, you have nothing clear"

Before moving, he took an initial German course, due to the rapid departure. Niku seems to be quite difficult to speak German, but, as he says, "where there is a will, there is a path." "At first, of course, there is nothing clear, but steadily, I step in step, take language," Nick says.

It may be said that most people can speak English. This might be too bad because the Germans do not do it. "I also watch television, read magazines, books, etc." he says. One year, he learned a lot, he also confirmed the words of the locals as he spoke very well in German. "The Germans are very friendly, as for the foreigners, because they are very giant here," he added.

Nik Pristavec

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"The goal of finding new people is not easy, especially for people who share their interests, but this also happened in time," he says. He also met in Slovenian. "In fact, we're doing regular meetings," he says.

"Germans are not very social, I have at least one feeling like that," says twenty-five years ago, with other notes. "Here's the most important thing and drive a good car," he noticed, but also highlighted some benefits. "Above all, it does not" complicate ", and what you organize (usually) is true."

"In Germany, Baden-Württemberg, in this part, tends to save people, even more than they are called Gorenjci," she laughed. It was surprising that a large percentage of people lived in apartments and homes rented. "For example, they have very little properties, as we do," he concluded.

They visited the Stuttgart Spring Fair with their aunt and uncle.

They visited the Stuttgart Spring Fair with their aunt and uncle.
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"Beer is cheaper than Slovenia"

Always telling someone who works in Germany, can he ask if he can save money because it is so expensive. "As I lived here in Slovenia, I would agree with him, every day, coffee or beer is done three times a day. There is no such thing. We can see how different Slovenians and Germans are different," he says.

Food and beverage sales are at the same price range in Slovenia; "The only services are more expensive," he says. The price of beer was also amazed.

"After a few days, my beer began to cook, so I went to the store for the first time. Here, it's a great opportunity to find something for all tastes. And when I saw the price of beer, when I saw it, I could see it for eight euros for a beer bag. In fact, it's much cheaper than beer here. I bought three, "Nick said.

"Here the food is quite artificial, the industry," he says.
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Even though the stores have the same prices, most of me do not sell Slovenian food. "Here food is artificial, but if you want a better quality, a person needs to open more wallets," he says.

He is happy with a new life, so he is now in Germany and does not know what he will do in the future. "We would definitely recommend moving to Germany, the Germans know that they are working hard and working diligently in the former Yugoslav people. There are many opportunities here, we can work right now," he thinks.

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