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The hacker steals 14,000 HIV patients

In Singapore, there has been an important hacking attack, 14,000 people diagnosed with HIV, foreigners, natives and, above all, many young people, do not know the data. Finally, the 2016 hacking infiltration details have been completed. It seems, it seems, the HIV positive American attack is a Singapore doctor's partner. A touchy hacker attack was only a few months ago, more than 1.5 million people in Singapore were killed, including Prime Minister Lee Hsies Loong.

The last episode, names, titles, HIV status and other information must be included. The authorities promise that 5,400 people from Singapore and 8,800 foreigners have been misused since they were registered in 2013.

Who is the person in charge of the attack?

The authorities have been 33 years of age for 33 years since the US has been living in Singapore since 2008. Mikhy Farrera-Brochez (pictured) The purpose of the 2016 punishment and imprisonment was for the purpose of documentary and drug predictions and was deported last year.

Ler Teck Sian, the former director of the National Public Health Unit in Singapore, told Farreri-Brochez that he had to leave medical records. HIV was positive. After writing the website, Ler had to give him a blood instead of Farrer-Brochez to access the country. In a press release, the Ministry of Health complained that it had not participated in Lera frauds and did not handle confidential information by the authorities. It is only in 2016 that the United States has confidential information, but at the same time it believed that all information was protected and taken by the police.

According to the High Court spokesman, on January 22, Farrera-Brochez had a record of 14,000 HIV-infected patients. "I feel sad that the former workers have all the permits to obtain confidential information in the HIV registry, that they did not violate the security regulations or that they had previously provided all the instructions," said Gan Kim Yong.

On Monday, officials from the ministry should "remember almost everyone in Singapore" and all the local people, but only contacted 900 people. A special line was established immediately, and the Ministry will offer advice and other possible services. In the end, despite the Minister's belief that Farrera-Brochez is abroad, he still does not know where. "There is a certain percentage of the possibilities of publicly available information," said Chan.

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