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The judicial police demand resignation

The judicial police, representatives of the State Unions of Slovenia, are the executives of the Republic of Slovenia during the execution of the punishmentsJožeta Podržaja resigned As stated by the President of the Union Union of Slovenia in the press conference Francis VerkInstructional Managers help applicants to contact their officers to make contact with the Board.

By virtue of this provision, according to Verke's opinion, it prevents normal trade unions and is illegal and has a criminal offense. As he said, he has already had his trade union work "a lot of broken cases", but one of the person in charge of the imprisonment and the legality of the work will not grant such a request."Because of this, Podržaj must be left immediately" he emphasized. At the same time, all the departments of the trade unions and sectoral support ministries must also participate.

Additionally, the representatives of the trade union unions decided to make a meeting with the Prime Minister in the current session of the conference SARC and Minister of Justice Katičevo. If the meeting does not take place until February 8th, they will continue their amazing activities, announcing the commander of the Maribor prison company Kamil Fras.

Union: 138 judicial police and 29 experts are in Slovenia

According to him, they will demand collective bargaining for jail workers, in accordance with a staff plan, standards and norms, and to eliminate systematic anomalies. Based on the norms and norms agreed, there are 138 police and 29 Spanish experts.

The representatives of the unions also warned other institutions of malnourishment about the malnutrition. Dob's imprisoned unity chief Leona Lobeta Koper and Dobren's latest events demonstrate that something is wrong in our prison system. At that time, at least 50 police officers had to work at least with at least posts, he stressed. According to him, the deficit in staff is also reflected in expert services.

"We want to update the security system and demand it and all employees must take care of it." said Lobe. He also said lack of training for judicial police.

There are also problems with Koper and Ljubljana school staff. According to words Robert Malikovich From Koper Prison, it is not true that Podržaj did not grasp the humanitarian crisis in this organization. As it is said, he warned the administration of the jail and administration repeatedly, but he was not heard. Equally tough Robert Vesel In prison in Liubliana, they warned about last year's problems over the past year. Since then, the person in charge has not done anything, he emphasized and added: "If they did something, it might not have happened to Koper and the elderly."

Verk also talked about these events: Koper was arrested by two prisoners and attacked by the police in Dob. In the search for guilty of these events, the judicial police show a finger, nobody seeks guilt "Clean Judicial Police and Bad Management of Other Professionals in Slovenian Courts". In this way, the accused or detainees are worth the time to flee, estimates of labor law judges who value unions and security experts.

It seems strange "The punishment of the executives of the Italians", it is considered as the appropriate interlocutor to minimize the names of judicial police. It seems unacceptable to consider this opinion unilaterally instead of exploring it for reasons. In the face of a judicial police, Verk's opinion was that the police killer was poorly evaluated.

Katiceva: The personal conflict between the leader of the union and the prisoner

After the current government session, the press secretary called the Defense Minister Andreja Katic, who thinks everything"It was also a personal conflict between the boss of the Union and the head of the prison, which made me think"He said that they had a meeting on January 11, informing all participants "We received an extra fee for the employment of police officers, which will be 30 new members this year and that there will be 30 more jobs".

"We also agree that we will continue with the social dialogue" said Katik and criticized the representatives of trade unions: "They are always invited to the meeting, but they do not go well. " Everyone added that they want to improve their situation in prisonsAnd that's why it's amazing, even if it's a conversation, it's been a bill in the media. He is still ready to meet with representatives of trade unions, he said, he will do it again on Tuesday.

Or support still retains its confidence, he does not want to comment.

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