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The new accusations of the case are permanent supply additions


The sixth document was submitted with definitive permanent approval permits and was paid at ten faculties at the University of Ljubljana for more than € 1.7 million.

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Among other things, I think I was a Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesics and a dean of the Faculty of Social Work. In addition to the College of Economics Circle, paid bonuses, the maximum amount & lt; 858 & gt; was. The euro also consisted of continuous computer training and technical personnel, and the first one was also a regular finance minister Du MarbleThere are now ten people.

"If we talk about risk, tell us who knows this add-on" # 160; unlawful Or who should know, & # 34; says Dean of the Faculty of Construction and Geodesics Matja & # 382; Miko & # 353;.
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Will they be paid at the construction faculty, or € 80,000? incremental euro Both faculties say that all paid supplements have returned.
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And the reporter Tina KristanIt is the first mentioned in the abuses mentioned in the faculties, says: & # 34;In general, the illegal bonus paid – pressurized – he only returned to the former Ministry of Marmara and Maja Makovec Bren & # 269; i & # 269;When the rest of the employees returned, as required by the law, the ten-month bonus was only received in ten months. & # 34;
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This was the case with the three faculties that had the faculties, the procedure was in the judicial phase of investigation. Likewise, we also decide whether it is a barrier to the person in charge of the faculty of social sciences or half of half a million experts, as well as the senior leadership of the Faculty of Philosophy. Therefore, in addition to the faculty of economics, the "most" constant confirmation, & # 34; Kristen adds.

"The first obituary, against the staff of economics faculties, is not legal, because the defendant's defendant is his complaint". If the processes are finalized, they participate in trial trials that last three months and five years in prison.

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Among other things, he is Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesics and a Dean of the Faculty of Social Work. Together with the four defenders of the Faculty of Economics, while the amount of 858 thousand euros was paid, computers and technicians were always trained and accused were former Finance MinistriesDusan Mramor, already ten people will already be charged.

"If we are telling ourselves about the responsibility, tell us who knew that this bonus was illegal or who should know" says Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy Matjaž Mikoš.
The Faculty of Construction paid 80 thousand euros. Both faculties say they have returned all the paid allowances.
And our journalist Tina KristanHe mentioned the abuses mentioned in the faculties first, says: "In general, it was illegal under pressure, Dušan Mramor and former ministers only Maja Makovec Brenčič, when they returned to the rest of the workers, as the law required, a ten-month bonus was only received. "
The prosecution presenting charges against people with three faculties, the four faculties follow the procedure in the judicial investigation stage. "In the Social Sciences Faculty, we will report against a senior anti-tribunal accountable, less than half a million allowances and pay less than the former leadership of the Faculty of Philosophy, so Faculties of Economics paid the maximum amount of permanent payment" Kristala adds.

The first accusation against the staff of the Faculty of Economics is not yet the latest, as the defendants complained of. When the proceedings are over, the last-mentioned convictions threaten a period of three months and five years of imprisonment.

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