Friday , January 15 2021

The quality of home appliances is lower

The average consumer advances the incorporation of functionality of the technical devices and increasing energy efficiency while reducing the quality of product manufacturing.

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Recycling centers take up more than ten percent of washing machines for up to five years.

For example, over the past 30 years, some cleaning repairs could easily lead to two "decades of survival", which at the present time are just the sweetest consumers' dreams. Currently, the average length of household appliances is seven to ten years old and more than ten percent of the washing machines have finished before work is completed. Some studies say that some still last 30 years, but ordinary consumer prices are not available.

Each tenth part is less than five years old

Research in some European countries showed that the proportion of household appliances did not finish within a five-year period of 3.5% and 8.3% between 2004 and 2012, according to the British BBC. Recycling centers have shown, on average, that more than ten percent of these machines are obtained.

But that will soon be. The European Union has been working on legislation that requires producers of lamps, TVs and large electrical appliances to produce longer products. Above all, it is an environmental measure because waste is very burdensome. Studies make clear that due to the 20-year life of the washing machine, the environment would protect 1.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, making it so much an environment in the process of making a specific device.

EU environmental ministers in the EU seem to have hinted at addressing this problem. A solution, for example, should make manufacturers adjust their production to facilitate repairs, guaranteeing spare parts, even after the guarantee period. This package also has a luminaire, as well as European lamps that can not be sold for sale. So when the bulb is smoked, the light is in the trash.

In the field of automotive, vehicle manufacturers make efforts to install lights in order to replace the lamp itself, as this repair requires today's automobile service.

They will end their innovation

Producers, as expected, are not smart ideas and measures, because they are too rigorous. At the same time, many warn that newer devices have a higher energy efficiency and, therefore, carbon dioxide emissions lower in economic devices. They also underlined that modifying the slight repairs would cause changes to weaken innovation so that technology is easier.

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