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The Slovenian meat industry: home-made meat is quality and safe

After the information in Polish, people approached, that poor cows had to be killed and sold as a healthy meat, and they also responded to the meat industry in Slovenia. They guarantee that the meat from Slovenia is safe and will do all the things to prevent meat from appearing in Slovenia.

According to the Polish story, the Slovenian meat industry association says they die of cattle disease and have said that meat is a healthy sauce. Slovenia's flesh is a guarantee of quality and safety, and it is more rigorous because it expects an abusive opportunity. In the interest group, it is recommended to avoid meat from appearing at shops in Slovenia.

The events represent a series of excessive rules in one European market

The Slovenian Economic Partnership of Meat Industry (GIZ) defends the incidents related to Polish cattle, which refer to excessive rules in one single European market. "There is no adverse phenomenon in Slovenia, which is due to the constant presence of official veterinarians in the main slaughterhouses." They wrote in a press release.

In the meat industry, they responded to the story of Polish journalist researchers, who, in secret cameras, were registered in one of the police slaughterhouses, cows were seriously ill and saw their flesh healthy.

The majority of Slovenian cattle are included in the quality system selected. It provides additional control over animal reproduction and transport conditions.PHOTO: iStock

In our view, the animal can not be killed without alcohol control, and beyond the inspection of the carcases, the introduction of direct animal inspection may be included.

"The majority of Slovenian cattle are also included in the quality scheme selected, which provides additional control over the implementation of specific breeding and transport conditions, which reduces excessive abuse, for example, Polish dissemination is almost impossible in Slovenian slaughterhouses." They wrote it.

Locally produced food provides more transparency

They also emphasize the importance of local food, which offers a greater degree of transparency and awareness among home-made products and suppliers.

Depending on the meat industry, in these cases, an important factor is excessive pressure in food prices, especially meat. "Therefore, avoiding these phenomena, the relationship between commercial organizations and other large clients is very important and with greater awareness of security and quality, our food chain" They stressed it.

In Slovenia's Meat Industry GIZ, their members participate in debated meat that Slovenian stores will not show, and at the same time demand that other importers act responsibly and, in the interest of consumers, verify their purchasing sources in a consistent manner.

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