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The spiritual heir to the legendary Slovenian magazine comes in December

On December 30, the new Slovenian magazine Jazbina will be published, created by the writers of the once-well-known Slovenian techno-entertainer Joker. It’s been three months since the last issue of The Joker magazine was released, which was buried by the financial difficulties of Alpress Publishing.

A new magazine at a time when all the news is online?

Martin Klemenc, The head of the Jazbina magazine project idea, told that at least initially it will be a relatively niche publication based on Joker’s recipes – covering the areas of video games and modern technology and various science outreach topics.

The target group of the new magazine is lovers and connoisseurs of new technology video games from 35 to 46 years old, who grew up in Joker magazine or Joker magazine led a career in the IT sector. Klemence stressed that the word quality will also be available to nostalgic people who want to pick up written paper.


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A large part of the former Joker editorial team is involved in the creation of the magazine, which will be published for the first time in a limited edition to be published on December 30th. Sergey Thank you (Known as Sneti), Yuri Kristan (Known as the attacker) and Matic Jeraj (Cowboy).

Joker’s first ex-husband and editor-in-chief David Tomšič meanwhile, Klemence said he did not respond to the invitation to participate.

Many issues of Joker magazine are now archived on, descriptions of video games and other articles in most other issues can be read on

Many issues of Joker magazine are now archived at, and descriptions of video games and other articles from most other issues can be read at
Photo: Matic Tomšič

If the answer is good, Klemence told that Jazbina magazine would be published quarterly.

The results would follow the most important events and times of the year in the video game world: the Game Developers Conference in March, E3 in June, Gamescom in late August, and several video games that the industry and gamers “weigh heavily on” in the fall.

The first issue of Jazbina magazine will be searched in vain in newspaper ornaments or supermarkets. It will only be available for purchase online.

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Why Lair and not the new Joker?

With the team that created Joker, but now with the team that will be working in Jazbina, it has been agreed that it is better to leave some of the dead things as they are, Martin Klemence told

Joker magazine was published monthly and 291 issues were published, the last in November 2017 digitally.

Joker magazine was published monthly and 291 issues were published, the last in November 2017 digitally.
Photo: Matic Tomšič

The question is also whether the new magazine can ever be called Joker because the legal status of that brand is in doubt. Alpress Joker Publishing has been in bankruptcy since September 2017.

Long bankruptcy proceedings, including Alpress’s intellectual property, including Joker, was auctioned twice (there were quite a few people with Joker, according to our data), which was further complicated last month by the bankruptcy trustee. Gorazd Zemljarič removed from office and appointed as the new insolvency administrator Igor Bončina.

This was the Joker website.

This was the Joker website.
Photo: Matic Tomšič / Screen

Alpress’s only legacy, which has changed owner since the fall of Joker magazine, has been the website.

The domain was released on July 3, 2018 and was immediately re-registered. It was acquired by a marketing expert Marko Kotnik. He then started organizing a web blog in the domain Joker sleeves with tips on marketing and wedding planning. is not working at the moment, but in the meantime the domain has changed ownership – it is now a Webmajstor company in Banja Luka.

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