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The young people who are not aware of the responsible use of the screens

The company says that the program for the use of the screen was created in the project sphere. Let said NO dependency, co-financed with the Ministry of Health. The vice president of Franc Zalar has stressed that for many years, society is working in the field of over-the-counter prevention, increasing screen use and obesity among young people.

This year, with the help of the Ministry, it has raised issues regarding over-the-top visualization and excessive use of web content on psychological development of young people. For the first time, the Vič First School was held in Ljubljana and individual content of the program Krško Gazte Center.

The use of web and other content, accessibility and attractiveness, digital technologies, mobile phones, tablets and game consoles, helps the youngsters to spend too much time on screens, helping them develop their games, said Darija Cvet.

Thus, the program offers six thematic groups or six workshops for students and parents' workshop. In the future, the company will organize the training of executives of the program, thus guaranteeing expansion and development.

Sašo Kronegger's author and program provider says that young people share all the information they share with the world, with their mobile devices and computers, and that they do not think long-term effects of their actions.

Social desire is that these programs are permanent in elementary schools. Not only in schools but also for those of young age, parents, educators and all those who meet young people in everyday life need to be educated. They wrote in a press release.

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