Sunday , January 17 2021

This time the demonstrators in the cars, the police share fines for honking (PHOTO)

Anti-government protesters on Friday went for four out of two bikes today. After a break of a few weeks, they took to the streets again, and due to restrictions prohibiting gathering in public places, they drove around the center of Ljubljana in cars, “from where, according to all medical professionals, infections cannot be transmitted.” They also predict that car protests will take place on Fridays until the government is overthrown or collapsed.

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Among the reasons for the protest is the sixth legal package against the crown, which also helps the economy by increasing the fines for organizers to gather people in public places at a time when the epidemic is banned, to between 1,200 and 12,000 euros. According to them, the penalties are disproportionately high, they are clearly the result of political decisions and not professional ones.

Protesters surrounded the streets around the parliament, according to reports Television Slovenia, The police listed some of them, even for loud trumpets. He also verified compliance with orders to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and to apply the field of video surveillance.

For hanging out?

In a press release following the protest, the People’s Protest Assembly wrote that police had informed protesters who were driving in their cars that they would receive fines for unauthorized collection. “When asked what kind of collection it was and how driving a car on the street could affect the spread of the virus, the police had no answer,” they said.

Police also handed out fines for assaulting him.

The protesters are confident that they have ordered the police to punish the protesters in every way, regardless of the fact that their actions do not endanger their health. Demonstrators also announced that they would face potential sanctions through all legal means.

Intervened in the ministry

Police intervened in the Ministry of Culture building in the afternoon. “Today, at around 15:00, we were informed that two people had unfurled a banner in front of the Maistrova street building in Ljubljana and left the place a few minutes later. after all, they will take appropriate action, ”the Ljubljana Police Department said.

Cultist protest in front of the Ministry of Culture. PHOTO: Jože Suhadolnik, Delo

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