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Todt finally spoke in more detail about Michael Schumacher’s situation


Seven years after Michael Schumacher suffered a horrific accident, his son is about to enter Formula 1. According to Jean Todt, the older Schumacher is well aware of his son’s success, which he constantly pursues responsibly.

“I’m not going to talk about it. I don’t want to go into details because it’s their private thing,” is at the beginning of the month The Telegraph spoke the first man in the World Automobile Organization Jean Todt to the mythical question Michael sSchumacher she is also aware of her son’s progress and achievements Micka, already knocking on the door of Formula 1.

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Todt revealed what they were doing with Schumacher

Two years later, RTL France was a little more monolingual: “Of course he has a companion” Todt said, but revealed that Schumacher is fully aware of everything around him more than seven years after a serious accident near Meribel, France.

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The president of Fieko has remained excellent with his support since he worked at Ferrari after completing his German sporting career. Todt also often visits his chalets in Mallorca, saying that Schumacher is recovering more and more.

His son Mick, meanwhile, is now the main driver in the overall Formula 2 standings and has been linked with a number of Formula 1 teams for a long time, and is looking forward to next season. Alfa Romeo was mentioned the most, but recently extended its contract with current drivers, so speculation continues.

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“We would be very happy if a new Schumacher appeared in Formula 1, Mick will probably be successful next year. I see his father twice a month and I have to repeat, he really fights. He has excellent care and conditions.” added Todt, who is confident that if Mick gets a seat on a team next season, his race will be controlled responsibly by his legendary father.

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“It’s true …”


The former Mercedes leader has denied rumors about Schumacher

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Group lobby


Schumi’s fate will depend on Ferrari

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Longtime runners have left F1, near the seat where Schumacher is now

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